About Us

Savage Global Marketing offers top-quality digital marketing services to all businesses, from sole proprietors to corporate giants.

Our team understands how to best utilize all the digital marketing tools available today, such as landing pages, mobile apps, SMS marketing, responsive website design and development, thus keeping your company on the cutting edge of internet marketing.

Who We are

We rise every morning as individuals, take a shower, grab a cup of coffee, love on our pets and kiss our loved ones before we leave for work. On our way to office, we start preparing for the day in our minds. We run through checklists, recall our emails and scheduled meetings. Once we arrive, it’s go time! Every single one of our days are filled with challenges and excitement: The challenge of building a masterpiece strategy to outperform our clients’ competition, and the excitement of going head-to-head against what other marketing companies are doing… And beating them! Our team is composed of fun, energetic and bold individuals who thoroughly understand the mechanics of digital marketing.

We Are Different

By employing a team of search engine optimization professionals, code writers, content developers, graphic artists, social media experts, IT/server administrators - who are best at identifying changes and opportunities for your business, we guarantee the most prolific results in your marketing investment.

Management Team
Chris Savage
President & CEO
Vitor Silva
Director of Strategy
Santiago Sanches
Director of Development

Our Process

First, we’ll build your brand with a beautiful website to properly represent the image of your company. Then,

we will market your business by combining Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Paid Advertising and Video Production services.

What we do? We build brands and make goals attainable.

What We Offer

Areas of Expertise

There is no limit to what digital marketing can do for you, regardless of your industry. The digital era we live in requires every company to have an online presence, even brick-and-mortars. Stop wasting opportunities: make the move, we are ready for you.

Do you have a project or an idea?

When would you would like to discuss? Let's make it happen!

Our Vision

At Savage Global Marketing, we feel a genuine obligation to enhance our customer’s experience by improving their ROI through beautifully designed websites and custom flight-plans for all businesses, small or large. Savage Global Marketing is a strategic partner to its clients, and is composed of a fearless team of marketing imagineers, SEO geeks, mastermind designers, story-tellers, and #TrendStarters. While we offer marketing solutions, we deliver a true marketing experience.

545 Campaigns
95 Client Retention Rate
370000 Transactions
100000 Likes & Shares