It’s the best time of year if you are in the Marine Industry. The tide is low, the sun is out, and people are out boating, which means the money is rolling in.

What am I going to show you is how to capitalize off of the summer months and maximize your profit by giving you the “10 Marine Marketing Tips to take over the Summer”.



Why is it important to market in the summer? 

In the summer the marine industry is at its peak. You want to be at your peak as well. The goal is to be in the face of potential customers in the season where they are more likely to purchase from you.


1. Prepare in the Offseason

What do athletes do in the off-season? Train like hell! They have to make sure that they are at their best when the season arrives. Your business is no different. You want to be in front of your customers by the time summer comes around. So really the offseason doesn’t mean you are off, it means that it’s time for preparation and planning.

You can do this with search engine optimization. SEO upkeep should be a priority throughout the year because it takes time to rank above your competition. It even takes effort to stay high in the rankings when you make it there. Having a great SEO plan also takes the load off of your paid ads. When your SEO and paid ads are both great something beautiful happens. You will be at the top of the charts both organically and in Ads. So make sure to be grinding in the winter months while your competitors are sleeping.

You should constantly be optimizing your website for the search engine. It takes a long time to rank on Google. So this time should be spent making sure your website has what it takes to rank well on google. Google looks for:

  • Keyword Usage
  • Reliable, trustworthy content
  • A secure website.
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Number of Inbound Links
  • Quality of Inbound Links
  • Site Structure
  • Time users spend on a website

Keep these in mind when you are optimizing your website for Google.

In this time you should also be producing content. Content can come in any form of media that you would like. It can be video, blogs, social media, press releases, anything that you feel that your customers could benefit from.


2. Keep the SEO and Content going through the summer months 

You have made it to the summer but that doesn’t mean you should slow down on your search engine optimization. Like I mentioned before, this is should be practiced year-round. Also, cook up content like never before.


3. Make your content relevant to the summer

Create a stellar Ad Campaign for the summer. What unique thoughts and feelings are your customers experiencing this time of year? Your content should be SCREAMING summer, whether it’s video, blogs, or social media posts. Even your visuals should give off a summer vibe.

What kind of fish are most common in the summer? What kind of problems do boaters experience in the summer? The bottom line is what’s going to help your target audience in the summer? Produce the answers to these questions through your content. This is why it’s important to know your buyer.

Keep your titles relevant to the summer as well.

You can use the title of this blog as an example:

“Ways to earn High while the tide is low: 10 Marine Marketing Tips to take over the summer”

We used this title instead of:

“10 Marine Marketing tips and Tricks for your business”

Do you see how the first title catches your attention and is far more relevant to the summer than the second title?


4. Plan…Plan…Plan… 

Plan everything you are going to do in the summer. Plan every new product, plan an excellent marketing campaign, and plan what events you are going to. The key is to plan everything so that you have a map of what you have going on.


5. Set your Goals for the Summer

Use the SMART goal method for the summer. Do you want more attention, more engagement, or more conversions? Use the SMART goal method.

SMART goal checklist:

  • Is it specific?
  • Is it measurable? How are you going to measure it?
  • Is it attainable?
  • Is it relevant to you?
  • What time will you reach your goal? Set deadlines for yourself


6. Video

There is no better way to evoke a feeling than with a video. Plus its’ the summer people are too busy traveling and enjoying the Sun.

Catch their attention with summer-themed videos. Show your role in the marine industry by creating a video that shows what you do.

If you paint boats create an amazing video of your company painting a boat. If you sell boats create some videos of your boats running or a video where people are having summer fun on their boat.

We have shot many videos for companies in the Marine industry and we have found that video drives an amazing amount of attention to your brand.


7. Participate in events

Become active in your community. This allows you to connect with your local customers and to increase brand recognition. What events would your target audience be in the summer? Be where they are. Place your brand in poker runs, fishing tournaments, etc. Be where your industry is going to be. The idea here is to get your brand to be a part of the vibe that people are looking for in the summer.


8. Hype up Social Media Campaigns

Social Media is your best buddy in the summer. When people aren’t out on boats, fishing, or taking part in water sports, where do you think most of their attention is going to be? On their phones. The average American spends 11 hours per day interacting with media. Most of that time is being spent on social media. So connect with your target audience on the platforms that they spend most of their time on. Use all the content that you have for the summer and blast it on social media. Videos are sure to catch their attention.


9. Boat Shows

Doesn’t everyone love a boat show? Boat shows bring out all the players in the marine industry. This is a great opportunity to show off your brand, interact with potential customers, and to network with other players in the industry. You should try your absolute best to stand out at boat shows. Think about what you could do that the other vendors aren’t doing? What will make you memorable to the crowd? Be creative and do something that the other companies aren’t doing.


10. Pipe up your Paid Ad Campaigns

Competition is at its highest peak at this time of year. You want to be what your customers think about when they think of the summer. Increase the amount you spend on paid ads but still be strategic. Run paid ads on Google and on social media platforms that your target audience uses the most. 

Yeah, the summer is hot as hell but at least after reading this article, you are going to benefit from the hot weather…