In the past, anyone planning about buying a used car most likely went straight to the newspaper classifieds. Unfortunately, auto dealerships still use traditional media, such as TV, radio and paper, to advertise their stores. It’s not hard to see that these actions are increasingly becoming inefficient, making dealership advertising a bit boring and intrusive.

However, new ideas have begun to emerge with the expansion of digital marketing, and some dealerships have begun to implement innovative strategies, targeting the public and reaching their potential customers at the right time, without intrusion and without bother. The best part? Lower marketing costs, higher ROI rates, and accurate metrics to monitor each channel.

But How Can SEO Increase Dealership Sales and CSI?

  1. Collect Information From Your Potential Customers

Information is everything. Before you take any action, you need to know who you are going to communicate with. It’s no use publicizing the launch of the new Ford Focus for an audience interested in the Ford Fusion Titanium, right? In each action, seek to understand your consumer. If the customer is in your store or dealership, get their name, email and mark the vehicles he was interested in. The chances of him continuing researching that model is huge, so why not remarket that model over the next few days?

  1. Use Email Marketing with Targeting

One of the easiest ways to reach the potential customer is through email. Either through a monthly newsletter with the new in store deals, in-store inventory specials or a specific email announcing a single car in the profile that the customer was looking for. For this, automation tools even allow you to identify this lead and send news based on the vehicles that you have navigated on your site!

  1. Use Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Many times, the customer does not know what he wants until you show him what he needs. And here social networks can play a great role, through targeted ads to the particular demographic audience.

Also, if your store sells owners vehicles, a post on social networks can encourage them to share in their personal profiles, making it easier to advertise.

In the last case, do not forget: Social networks are the SAC 2.0 of consumers. And interacting properly with them there will convey great confidence to new customers.

  1. Track Results Through Google Analytics

Everything you need to know about your site is in there. Google Analytics is extensive, powerful and able to filter all source information and user interaction. Understanding where most leads (potential customers) come from will allow you to better target the marketing budget to the most appropriate channel.

  1. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Regardless of whether you have an agency for all digital work, it is important to have a professional within the company that will do the “middle field,” mediating decisions and processes, and eventually managing social networks that require more direct interaction.

  1. Use an Online Chat

One of the best ways to impact on the user experience is to provide a chat for visitor communication. With quick interaction, anyone browsing the listings and looking for a vehicle, for example, can ask questions and ask questions in real time.

On the other hand, good chat management professionals would ensure a more “human” interaction and greater chances to close deals than a naturally “cooler” site in interactions.

  1. Make Relevant Content Available

Inbound Marketing is the trend of the moment. When you deliver relevant content, and generate more qualified traffic to the site (with better rankings in search engines), you become a benchmark in a particular industry, helping the customer with natural questions and doubts.

Content = More traffic and more credibility.

  1. Have Call to Action and Visible Forms

With all the content produced, you will need to have elements that draw the visitor’s attention to perform certain action. This is known as “Call-to-Action” (CTA). For example, if you produce a post on “Evaluating Used Vehicles Before Buying,” at the end of the text you could have a button or banner that invites the visitor to test drive one of the dealership’s cars!

Do not forget to use well-distributed forms to collect information and generate leads. You can have simpler forms (name and email) for the visitor to receive news from the blog, as well as more complete forms for a landing page or next to each vehicle.

  1. Create Videos

More than half of the internet traffic today is videos. This volume is expected to rise from 80% to 2018. Research indicates that marketing using video often has better ROI rates.

With that in mind, implementing a YouTube channel for your vehicle store or dealership can be a very efficient step. You can use the videos to showcase the news on vehicles or even detail some of them – inside and out. What do you think of doing a virtual test drive, showing how the car behaves on the streets?

  1. Customer Testimonials

Buying a car today can be a lottery, and many potential customers are scared of buying a used vehicle, either at a local dealer or dealership, because they think they can get away with a bad deal. Even helping consumer code, with warranty requirements used in dealerships, it becomes important to show that the store has many satisfied customers.

The best way to do this is to ask customers a testimonial about the shopping experience and the vehicle, and then advertise in an appropriate location on the site, easily accessible to visitors.

All of the tips above, when applied to stores and car dealerships, are much more efficient and effective than the TV ad. Even if you have a reduced marketing budget, putting some of these strategies into practice can bring great results.

  1. (BONUS) Use AdWords in a Targeted Fashion

The search for a car today happens in digital. Instead of AdWords campaigns that just direct most of the online traffic to your dealership, you should use more targeted strategies like advertising using keywords that represent the make and model of the vehicle. Although they bring a smaller volume of visitors, you will be sure to bring the most qualified traffic available.