Struggling is not synonymous of failing in any area of ​​life, especially in Entrepreneurship. Despite causing delays and wasting our time, adversity needs to be viewed by the entrepreneur as a stepping stone to success. Misconceptions create resilience, which is perhaps one of the most important characteristics (and skills) of any entrepreneur.

Why is it worth keep to invest in digital marketing?

With the correct guidelines, it is possible to perform what I call “digital cleaning”, meaning tidying up the house and starting all over again. Sometimes it is necessary to rethink the digital marketing strategy, revamp it to add more assertiveness and effectiveness.

  1. Increase the connection with your target audience

People’s opinions about the brands they relate to would change if they adopted intrusive forms of marketing such as telemarketing. This is why there is a growing interest in Inbound Marketing worldwide. That is the fact that acquiring a lead with this form of marketing costs about 62% less. If Inbound marketing is not a part of your digital marketing plan yet, it’s time to stop and rethink your digital marketing strategies. Perhaps the budget allocated for Google Adwords would offer a higher return on investment (ROI) if it were invested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  1. Delivery of actual and tangible results

An increasing number of leading European companies are adopting digital marketing due to the results and opportunities created by some digital marketing initiatives such as optimizing the user experience and producing quality content. These are some of the fundamental requirements for any winning digital marketing strategy. Investing in the usability (UX) of your website is critical for your customer to feel comfortable and connected with your brand. While you can learn more about making your site SEO friendlier, offering relevant and well-written content is key to bring you even closer to the sale. Not applying these features in your digital marketing strategy already raises a flag to Google. But there’s always time to start. An SEO expert can help analyze your current digital marketing asset, drive more traffic and improve sales conversion for your business.

  1. It allows for quicker response

We started this post by talking about how you can restructure your strategy if the results are not being achieved. The possibility of adjustments without major losses is one of the most incredible characteristics of digital marketing. Because it is fully measurable, Digital Marketing allows for rapid changes and improvements. The only problem is that we often see a leak, but we rarely know exactly where from. So, running thorough web and SEO analysis and diagnosis of everything that has been done so far will help you identify what can be modified and optimized.

Unlike traditional media, all digital marketing efforts can be measured and have their proven return. It is possible to know how many people visited your page, which ones became leads, and even how much you spent for each click generated on a particular campaign. In addition, you can calculate the return on investment of your campaigns, a simple way to analyze whether the investment you’ve made is yielding a financial return.