In this vast ocean of entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to stand out when you’re a tiny fish swimming among great competition. Many businesses get caught in a net, and struggle to break free from the lack traffic being brought to their website. Failing to drive more traffic to your web page can highly contribute to the decrease in sales being generated. Many businesses simply don’t know how they can increase traffic to their site, and unfreeze themselves from their current position. With that thought in mind, Savage Global Marketing has listed five ways to drive traffic to your website.


SEO and Long Tail Key Words

Once a person types in the services they’re looking for on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, they typically explore the first few choices loaded on the first page. With that said, it would be useful to research which terms and phrases are relevant to the content on your website, and use it to boost your sites SEO. The terms and phrases searched by users can ultimately be linked to the services delivered by your company. Since many people have cellphones and computers with voice recognition software’s, focusing on long tail key words can be more beneficial than short tail key words when marketing your business.


Blog Posting and Commenting

Increase leads and sales by posting blogs that contain high quality content associated with your business. As said by Forbes writer Jayson DeMers,“submitting your blog increases your chances of getting found by people looking for content in your niche. “ Use social media sites like Facebook to promote your blogs by posting a small preview of the blog, along with a link attached below it. Using this approach will pull readers in, and entice them to read the rest of your blog. Most importantly, it will bring traffic to your website.


Social Media and Networking

Social media can be an effective way to network, and get your companies name echoing through people’s ears. Once you launch your company on various social media platforms, target the people that your business wants to appeal to. Narrowing your audience can help you maintain connections with quality costumers that share your vision, and would benefit from the products and services offered by your company. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, provide businesses with valuable costumer feedback about their brand. Social media channels also generate relevant data that helps companies make decisions that can meet the needs of their costumers.


Efficient Webpage Loading and Functionality

The performance of your website can either give users a good experience, or make them click the close button on the browser to your webpage. Efficient website loading and functionality are crucial elements to driving traffic and conversions. If your server is down while a user is trying to access it, this can greatly impact your companies’ image, deter costumers, and decrease costumer satisfaction. To keep heads from turning away from your website, ensure that your website operates swiftly, and is easy to navigate.


Host Web Seminars

Webinars are powerful marketing tools, regardless of your industry. With webinars, businesses can host online presentations in real time, interact with their audience, share their screen, answer questions, allow costumers interact with the screen, and more.