The allure of the Sunshine State reaches far and wide. People from all over the world come to visit Florida, and many more decide to live along the sandy beaches. Whether you already live in Miami or Fort Lauderdale or you are considering moving to the area, you’ll need to make money. That doesn’t mean you need to spend hours tucked away in an office, though. Start a Blog

The great thing about a blog is its versatility. You can literally write about anything you want. If you keep the blog focused on how your topic relates to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you can even be paid to provide sponsored blog posts for local companies once you have a following. Be sure to follow the rules and regulations regarding this type of blogging. The Federal Trade Commission requires you to label sponsored posts, and a company can never require you to write a positive blog about them. All opinions must be your own.

  1. Become a Social Media Manager

Do you love to post memes on Facebook or share pictures on Instagram? Digital marketing agencies often hire people do perform these tasks for companies and in many cases, you can work from anywhere you want. A social media manager is responsible not only for posting content related to the company, but also for tracking mentions on social media and responding to followers who comment or directly message the company. For this reason, most marketing agencies require experience in customer service or communications.

  1. Online Reputation Management

Managing a company’s online reputation involves the internet as a whole. A digital marketing agency that hires you to provide online reputation management will expect you to find reviews, blog posts and forum posts that talk about the company and respond to them accordingly. You will sometimes deal with unhappy customers, so communication skills are very important. This job usually involves online review management in which your job will include responding to reviews on Google Reviews, Yelp! and other review websites.

  1. Search Experience Optimization

Search experience optimization in Miami or Fort Lauderdale is probably one of the most interesting jobs. Digital marketing agencies sometimes hire outside sources to search the internet using specific keywords in conjunction with a company’s name or URL. The goal is to see how quickly you can find their links in Google’s results and how well those results load. In some cases, you may also perform usability testing, which involves navigating through the website and providing feedback on its performance and ease of use.

  1. Lead Generation

Your use of the internet could be a great way to make money in Fort Lauderdale. When you have followers that you interact with regularly, they come to trust and value your opinion. When companies see you have clout in the online world, they may turn to you to help them get leads. You could find yourself writing sponsored blog posts, adding affiliate links to your blog’s sidebar, or posting sponsored Facebook posts, tweets or Instagram posts. You may earn a few cents to a few bucks regardless, or you might be paid a percentage when the sale closes.

  1. Dog Walking

Of course, while there are plenty of great ways to lounge around and make money on your computer, not everybody wants to. Dog walking is a great way to earn money and get exercise for yourself at the same time. You can start small by offering to help friends who have busy workweeks or who need to go out of town. If you decide the job is for you, you can create a website and your own social media accounts to promote your business.

  1. Get in the Water

Florida has some of the best beaches in the country, so make use of them. Maybe you’re an amazing scuba diver. Perhaps you are a skilled deep sea fisher. Why not give lessons or take people out to fish on a charter boat? What better way to make money than to spend the entire day on the water?

Whether you choose to work from home as a social media manager or lead generator, or you prefer to get out and enjoy the sun, you can benefit from a digital marketing agency in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. If you don’t work for one, you can hire one to help you expand your business.