Content Marketing AKA the Playmaker for your car dealership.  

In this blog, I’m going to show you 6 reasons why you should use content marketing for your car dealership. Before I do that I’m going to explain to you what Content marketing is.

What is Content Marketing?

According to Content Marketing Insititute, content marketing is defined as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Some types of content marketing assets include:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies
  • Ebooks
  • White Papers

Inform Customers

content marketing

Informing customers could save you and your customers time and energy. If you produce content that will inform buyers about the automobile industry, what the car buying process entails, and the qualifications needed to buy a car you will get better-qualified leads.

For example, if you were to post a blog about “The qualifications needed to buy a car” customers will read this information and qualify themselves.

Customers who are eligible will move forward with the car buying process with you and you won’t have to waste time with prospects who aren’t qualified.

The individuals who aren’t qualified won’t have to waste their time going into the dealership and can even prevent a hard inquiry on their credit because you informed them about the minimum credit score they need to buy a car.  


Build Customer Trust

trust car dealership

Trust is very important in sales. Especially because we live in a world with many people who have been burned or heard of someone who has been burned by a car dealership.

Let’s face it most people don’t trust car dealerships. By producing useful content, customers will become more familiar with your brand, thus trusting you more.

Improve your Car Dealership’s SEO Ranking

content marketing

Creating content will increase your SEO ranking. If you ranked high on Google the more you trustworthy and authoritative you will look in your industry.

Content Marketing helps to increase your rankings on Google and makes you the obvious choice in the market.

Turn Readers into Customers  

content marketing

If your content is well written and is optimized with the search engine, people who are searching for the type of content you are producing will come across your content.

People who come across your content are most likely looking for a new car to buy. Having users on your website interacting with your content increases the chance of them buying a car from you.


Promote your Brand and Create a Community

Utilizing content marketing allows you to create a  following of your brand. As you produce quality, useful content you will notice that users will start to subscribe to your content.

This will also bring awareness to your brand. You want everyone to think of your car dealership when they are looking to buy a car.


Answer the Questions of Buyers

content marketing

It’s important to answer the questions of a buyer. When buyers start to ask questions its because they are interested. The key is to answer all the questions of the buyer before they even reach your dealership.

If you look below you will see a screenshot of what people are searching on Google before they are going into a car dealership to buy a car.

 Under the header labeled “Questions,” you see the questions that customers are asking when they are looking for a car.

content marketing

If you can create content that answers the customer’s questions the more useful you are to a client and you help them along their journey of buying a car.  

If you answer the questions of what people are frequently asking the more you satisfy their wants and needs.

To help you better understand I’m going to take a few of the questions in the screenshot and give some examples of what type of content we would use to answer each question.


Question: Is buying a new car a bad idea?

Content that answers the question: Buying a Used Car vs. A New Car blog.


Question: Is leasing a car a good idea?

Content that answers the question: 7 reasons you should lease an automobile blog.


Question: Is it a good idea to buy cars in the month of January: The best times of the year to buy a car blog.

As you see each question asked by a customer can be answered by a relevant piece of content.

You might even hear some questions that you hear frequently when helping someone buy a car at your dealership that you can also answer.


Content Marketing is needed for car dealerships. Don’t be the dealership that’s stuck in the past!