Content marketing has been around for several years now and it has yet to lose its power and influence. Content plays a very important role in driving organic traffic to your website. If you’re creating your own content, it’s essentially free marketing. Like the digital marketing industry, content marketing has also evolved over the years.

At Savage Global Marketing, we’ve observed that there are key trends that you need to incorporate today to stay ahead of the competition.

Blending Visual and Written Media

This is old news but surprisingly, there are many businesses out there that have yet to adopt this trend. Content is more successful if it incorporates visual media like infographics, pictures, videos, etc. Not only wouldn’t you grab audience attention, you’ll also rank high on the SERPs.

That’s because you don’t just rank on the web search pages, but also on the image search or video search pages. By incorporating visual media, you’re reaching a wider audience and spreading your influence.

Telling Stories

Big brands like Coca Cola, Budweiser, Chipotle, etc, have all used episodic video content to great effect. They’ve gone beyond simple advertising to conveying social messages, to telling stories that might not have much to do with the brand, but establishes a presence. They use episodic content to connect emotionally with their audience and promote a positive brand image.

Using episodic content can draw people to your business organically. It can engage their interest and connect with them. However, this isn’t just limited to video content. Microsoft and some other companies also tell stories through written content.

Moving Away from Conventional Social Media

Most marketers focus on the conventional social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, there are other platforms that can be similarly influential, if not more so influential. Networks like Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Meerkat, Periscope, etc, draw considerable audience, even if they’re often ignored as a marketing platform. It’s a good idea to actually invest in these platforms, especially if they’re popular amongst your target audience. There are other practices to take note of as well, including using influencers to market your products and produce remarkable content.

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