Facebook Ad Contests that Generate Immediate ROI

As an online marketer, you must know that the success of your Facebook
ad campaign depends on the number of clicks your ads get. When run
successfully, your business can attract new customers and generate
leads, allowing you to make huge profits as a result.

One of the best ways to ensure the effectiveness of your Facebook ad
campaign is by running ad contests! Here are the top Facebook ad
contests that you can run to grab the attention of your online users
while ensuring a return on investment.

Photo Contests

Photo contests with a voting option always create an extra buzz. This is
because people love to share their photography efforts so they can get
more votes and win. When running a photo contest, make sure to select a
prize that is worth the fight. A grand prize will drive more and more
traffic to your contest and make it viral and engaging.

For a user-generated photo contest, pick a winner randomly, or to be
fair, the winner should be the entry that gets the most votes!

Referral Ad Contests

This type of contest goes something like this: a user enters your
contest, but to increase their chance of winning, they will have to
share your ad with their friends and family on Facebook and ask them to
enter your contest as well. This is a great way to increase the pool of
contestants and make your brand known to people all around the world!

Ideally, you should keep this ad going for 3 — 4 weeks so that a
variety of people can enter the contest and have a chance to win.

Like-to-Win Contests

This is among the best and easiest Facebook ad contests, and it can help
you generate immediate ROI. Even the smallest of businesses can run this
type of contest without a hitch.

All you have to do is ask the contestants to like a photo or video you
have posted and voila – they have entered the competition! You can make
the contest more fun by asking people to comment and repost the
photo/video on their Facebook pages.

Q & A Contests

A Q&A contest lets you interact with online users, which is a terrific
way to increase engagement and traffic. Through a Q&A contest, you can
gather information about your followers’ likes and dislikes. You can
also collect their feedback to further enhance your brand.

The prize winner of this contest can be the one who gives the best

Crowdsource Contests

You can post a photo of two of your products and ask your contestants to
comment on which style they like better. For instance, an image of two
handbags that each have a different color. You can note down what most
people like, and then you can churn out more products just like that.


Ad contests are extremely popular on Facebook. They entice people to
participate in them and generate a lot of buzz around brands and their
products and services. Pick and choose the type of Facebook ad contests
that will be profitable to your business and get your audience hooked!

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