One can’t deny that Google is becoming omnipresent. The company has dominated the industry for a very long time, coming up with ideas and software that soon become indispensible. Google is very powerful and that does worry people, including its competitors.

It has also led to a slew of Anti-Trust lawsuits against the search giant. But competitors aren’t the only ones worried; marketers have seen some ominous signs as well. At Savage Global Marketing, we like to keep track of the changes happening with Google. Some of these changes are worrisome, and indicate a very disturbing trend. Here are some facts about Google digital marketing that keep marketers awake at night.

Transparency at Google

This is one of the biggest worries marketers have about Google. A few years ago, the company would work with marketers and SEO experts. They would relay information about updates to the algorithm and other such changes. This helped marketers prepare for the changes and update their client’s websites. But Google no longer openly shares information.

It doesn’t share details about updates, and forewarn marketers about changes. The company isn’t transparent with data regarding search engines and website performance. Reporting isn’t as detailed as it used to be; and that doesn’t allow Google digital marketing experts to plan their strategies accurately. They have to rely on trial and error, which can take time and compromise the results.

Abrupt Website Penalties

Google penalizes websites that use bad techniques like keyword stuffing, unreliable links, and low-quality content. It ensures that search engine users get the best possible information, and keeps website owners on their toes. Unfortunately, Google has started to penalize websites for mistakes and strategies that don’t quite compromise the quality of the results. The company is very abrupt in its decisions when it deems something unacceptable.

So, if a strategy is legal or valid before an update, you can no longer be certain it would continue to be so after it. Unfortunately, if a website is penalized, webmasters and Google digital marketing experts need to jump through hoops and endure months of struggle to get it back on Google. That can be very frustrating and time consuming. It can also lead to years’ worth of effort going down the drain.

Google Borrowing Third Party Content

You must be aware that Google doesn’t generate its own content. It’s a search engine that sources information from different websites and displays it to the users (In the past, users had to visit the source website to get access to the information). The relationship was that of give and take. Content creators would supply the information, and Google would direct traffic towards the websites.

Google seems to be moving away from this. Now, search engine users can get a considerable amount of information without leaving Google. Services like the Knowledge Graph and Google Now retrieve information from various sources and display it on the SERP. There’s no need for users to access the website unless they want to get more in-depth data.

Unfortunately, this deprives websites significant amount of traffic. Google wants to become a Knowledge Engine, but unless it starts creating its own content, it’s actually borrowing information from others and usually without clear permission.

4 – Keeping Up with the Changes

Lately, Google has been implementing a lot of changes. They’ve added new rules and guidelines, updated Analytics and AdWords, and changed the ranking factors and algorithms. Most of these changes take some time and effort to get understand and utilize. Some require Google digital marketing experts to overhaul their campaign, revise strategies, and update websites.

This can be a time consuming and expensive proposition. Unfortunately, Google changes things frequently and marketers are forced to keep up while trying to stay ahead of the game. There are several things about Google that are scary and intimidating at the moment. Marketers are rightfully concerned about the future and keep a keen eye on the company’s behavior.

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