Local search is one of the most important advantages that small to mid-sized local businesses have over their bigger competition. There is also a fact that about 80% of the local searches lead to positive conversions. Naturally, local search is very important for local businesses. At Savage Global Marketing, we believe that online presence and listing is extremely important to get ahead of the competition.

The Local-3 Pack

The local-3 pack caused quite a stir when it was first introduced. Before it was introduced, 7 local results were listed on the top of the SERP. This move was introduced to make viewing easier for mobile users. 7 ads would take up too much real estate above the fold and frustrate users. 3 is a much better deal. While it might lead to less business for people ranking on the 4th or lower position, it would lead to an increase in sales for people in the top three positions.

Removing Negative Ranking Factors

To be featured in the top three results, you need to furnish the best information about your business and ensure that the information is current and relevant. This means, all your NAP data, that is Name, Address, and Phone data must be consistent on the internet. According to a thorough research by Moz, inconsistent duplicate data is a pretty big negative ranking factor in the local-3 pack.

For example, if you changed your address or a phone number and forgot to upgrade your information in all of your internet real estate, it might affect your ranking. You need to seek out and clear your duplicate data to ensure that all of your information is consistent across the board.

You can consult the Google Guidelines on how to handle claiming a business online. There are several tools available to check all of your listings and websites online to see if the NAP data is consistent. There are times when the duplicate data is introduced by people other than the business owner. For example, if you’re running a law practice, some lawyers in your firm might have their own listings as well.

How to Handle the Problem?

One of the best ways to handle duplicate listings and inconsistent NAP data is to make sure that you’re a strong candidate for Local-3 pack. Here are some things you can do:

  • Make sure that your NAP data is very accurate. This means that you include the city name, zip code, street name, phone numbers, and website URLs.
  • Use the website that has the best reputation and tends to rank high in SERPs and attracts the most attention.
  • Improve your local citations and rankings.

When you do this, your business would have the best chances of making it to the local-3 pack results.

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