“Growth hacking” is a term that should never leave the focus of entrepreneurs, no matter the size of the company. Facing new challenges to expand participation in a market, opening a store or even hiring the first employee is part of the day to day of those who run a business of their own.

By identifying an opportunity or finding a way to add real value to the public, entrepreneurs break their heads to figure out the best ways to make that improvement work. The process comes with many doubts: when to expand? What expansion models are available? Which is best for my company?

These 4 steps to grow your online business are all pertaining to marketing. Believe me, there is no success without marketing and the online business world is no different. Remember: Every business, online or not, needs to sell; and there are only sales if there is marketing. So, here are the 4 marketing tips to grow your online business:

  1. Direct Marketing

This refers to direct traffic. That is, buying traffic to your business. Let me give you a practical example: Let’s suppose you work for a business that pays $40 commission per sale that made directly. That is, when you sell 20 products, you will generate a net return of $ 800.00. It is of the utmost importance that at least 20% of your income is reinvested in marketing. That is, $160 in branding and advertising.

This should be the rule for any business. If you own a business, analyze what is the best form of marketing to grow your business. If the business is online, for example, then taking 20% of your income to invest in programmed on Facebook Ads, or Google ads, Bing or any other platforms would be highly advisable. This is a valuable secret to growing your online business and increasing traffic to your sites!

The lesson here is simple: to not only increase your ROI, but also generate more money by reinvesting in direct marketing and thus bringing in more buyers. With direct marketing, more people will be visiting your store you, if you have more visitors, consequently your sales will be increasing.

  1. Content Marketing

One of the best ways to attract customers and thus grow your online business is through content marketing. When you output quality and relevant content, the chances of acquiring new customers increase, thus generating more traffic and more visitors to your pages. This can be done through articles, blogs and press releases, YouTube videos, through social media, e-books, webinars, and more.

In fact, this article you are reading is an example of content marketing. YouTube channels are also ways of creating content marketing. The interesting thing about this form of advertising is that you reach greater audience and create brand loyalty, greatly increasing your chances of sales conversion.

  1. Permission Marketing

Once you have visitors coming to your website, it might be a good idea to collect their contact information. What for? By providing their contact information, they are giving you permission to inform them about deals and sales promotions, especially via direct mail!

Regarding online businesses, which is our focus, this is done by collecting customers’ email accounts. That is, a new channel of communication is born with your audience. This is quite different from spam, which means buying mailing list or sending emails without permission. The latter is also illegal!

And from this new established communication a new form of marketing is born without the investment in advertising. The customer found your online business through direct and paid marketing, and left his email in exchange for something you offered. When someone gives you permission to communicate with them, it will be much simpler to grow your online business.

  1. Relationship Marketing

Now that you have the contacts of customers who trust your brand, it is interesting that you relate by getting in touch with them at least once a week and offer valuable information.

Once you relate establish relationship marketing, you can offer services and sell your products. You will do it naturally. You can either offer something discreetly within the free information itself or you can set an interval. And among them, make offers. Some experts indicate that you create an 80/20 relationship.

How does it work? You allocate 80% of the content for free and the offer remaining 20% in sales. The important thing is to understand that there must be higher number of free valuable content than sales offers. By following these steps, it is certain that you will create confidence, generate sales and grow your business online!