In this digital era, we all know that Digital marketing is a necessity for all businesses today. But is it enough? Is social media, emails, SEO, paid ads, etc. enough to grow your business to its fullest potential. The simple truth is no. Digital marketing adds a lot of fuel to your business but it isn’t enough fuel to take you on the full trip.

Digital Marketing should act as one of the tools you use to grow your business. As marketers, we get lost in the digital marketing game and forget the basics to it all.

What are those basics? If Digital marketing can’t do it alone, what are the other aspects that can help grow your business?

I will now explain to you how to grow your business outside of digital marketing


Great Customer Service

Having the strongest brand or having superb marketing is pointless if your customer service is horrible. If your marketing doesn’t match your customer experience your brand could be destroyed.

Bad customer experiences ruin your chance for a customer to make future purchases from you and can even lead to bad reviews which will also bring sales down.

Customer service should be a priority. Remember, no matter what business you are in, your primary business is the people business. Without people, you wouldn’t have anyone to sell to. So put them first!


A Strong Brand

A powerful brand is consistent through all channels that it uses to connect with its customers. Your audience should recognize your brand no matter where they come in contact with it.

For your brand to thrive it must be relevant. To be relevant it must be appealing to your target audience. This is why it’s important to gather as much data as you can about your target audience. The more you information that you get your hands on the better you can optimize your brand to appeal to your customers.



I bet you didn’t know that your employees were important for your business’ growth. Remember, your employees are a part of your brand. Grow your business by creating a cohesive workplace culture.

Your employees should match your brand to help push your brand in the direction that your company wants to go in. They should live by the mission of your company and make sure that they represent the company’s brand, how it should be represented.


Events/Interactive Marketing

Events are a great way to grow your business. Events such as networking events, community service activities, wine mixers, etc, are a great way to get your brand out there. Why? Participating in events allow you to introduce your brand face to face with other people. This also spreads awareness of your brand.

Hosting events are great as well too. Bowlero often comes to my college and offers special discounts with students while meeting us personally which gives us a sneak peek of what to expect when we interact with their business. Go to where your target audience is and host an event there. Get to know them and make your event something they can interact with. This will build trust which will make them more prone to purchase from you.


Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing strategy. This is because all a customer needs to interact with you is trust. This is why referrals and recommendations work so well. Think about it.

If your best friend refers you to a new shampoo that they’ve been using, it’s a good chance that you buy will that shampoo. When someone you trust refers you to a product you will gain more trust towards that product.

Offer your existing customers incentives when they refer someone to buy from you. DO this and I promise that your business will grow exponentially.



Digital Marketing is one of many ways to grow your business. We see the results that it produces and it is easy to just focus on this one aspect of growing a business.

Think about it. What I listed in this article was available before Digital Marketing and it grew business dramatically. Imagine implementing digital marketing and what I mentioned in the blog in your business. Think about how much your business will grow! Use everything in this article as your toolkit and I promise you will be successful.