How To Build An Amazon Storefront and Ship FBA

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces. With millions of
active users, it’s the best place to set up your online store. The best
thing about using Amazon to sell products online is that Amazon offers
just the kind of support and services that you’ll need to become a
successful online seller.

Thanks to the Amazon Storefronts, both small and medium-sized businesses
can conveniently sell their products directly through Amazon’s massive
platform. It is an entirely separate section on Amazon that is targeted
to help small businesses. It features a great collection of unique
products. Amazon Storefronts offer the perfect opportunity for small
businesses to become a part of the enormous world of online business. If
you’re planning on setting up a store with Amazon Storefronts, you’ve
come to the right place. This blog post is all about helping beginners
build an Amazon Storefront and make their business stand out.

How to Setup Amazon Storefronts

Setting up an Amazon Storefront or simply Amazon Store is not rocket
science. It’s simple, straightforward, and quick.

Enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry

Before you can open an Amazon Storefront, you first need to enroll
yourself in the Amazon Brand Registry, which will protect your products
and the brand from getting copied on Amazon. Once you’re enrolled in
this program, you’ll get access to various reporting and search tools
that’ll help you find the best products to sell.

Open an Amazon Store

To open an Amazon store, you have to log on to the Amazon Vendor Central
or Amazon Seller Central account and navigate to the Storefront option,
where you’ll be prompted to add your brand name. Once done, you’ll be
taken to the Amazon store builder. After you’re done adding the brand
name and logo, you’ll be taken to the next step, where you’ll have to
pick up a website design for your Amazon Store.

Add Products

Before you can add products that you wish to sell on your Amazon
Storefront, you first need to upload these products to the Amazon Seller
account. You can conveniently complete setting up your Amazon Store
after you’ve made your product listings.

You can have a preview of what your Amazon Store will look like before
you finally launch it. Once you’re satisfied, you can submit your store
for publishing. Amazon Storefronts will review your Amazon Store and
approve it. After that, your dedicated store will be up and running!

Shipping Your Orders Through FBA

Now that your Amazon Storefront is active, you can start taking orders.
One of the biggest challenges that beginners face is managing orders and
ensuring timely deliveries. Well, with Amazon, you need not worry about
this side of the process. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is just the
service you need.

FBA is a service by Amazon that allows you to use the storage,
packaging, and shipping facilities of Amazon. It means you don’t have to
worry about arranging a warehouse for your products, their packaging, or
arranging a reliable transporter for shipping. Amazon does it all for

You ship your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where they’re
stored till they’re sold. Every time you receive an order on your
website, Amazon looks after preparing, packing, and finally, shipping
the products to the customers.

In short, Fulfillment by Amazon makes the execution of orders hassle and

Closing Word

It looks like Amazon wants more and more people to pursue their dreams
of establishing an online store and making it big in the online sphere.
With the ease and convenience of setting up a dedicated website with
Amazon Storefronts, coupled with the ease of executing orders with
Fulfillment by Amazon, you, as a beginner, have nothing to worry about.
Amazon has your back!

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