Current business trends have made it easier and more efficient than ever to earn extra income. Florida entrepreneurs still have to put in a hard day’s’ work and an abundance of effort, but now they have more ways to stretch and build their business muscles. Affiliate marketing is a strategy in which you are financially awarded for each new customer or visitor you send a company’s way. Savage Global Marketing is here to ensure you understand and get the most out of this new business opportunity.

Focus on the Right Products and Services

One of the cornerstones of being a successful affiliate marketer is to offer only the absolute best services and products. Instead of promoting everything from kitchen sinks to clothes for dogs, center your efforts on a few of the most popular products and markets. Get a solid idea of what consumers want most and which companies are giving it to them and see if those businesses have affiliate marketing programs.

Rev Up a Blog or Site

Designing a blog or site on which you offer links to wares you recommend is absolutely crucial. You can either set up your site yourself, or have one that’s professionally designed. While the latter costs money, it could prove to be more effective in earning as much revenue as possible, which makes it well worth it.


Don’t start and stop with a website or blog, expand your business reach to social media and even special services like Google Adwords. One thing to bear in mind with paid services like Adwords is you have to take monthly measurements of your conversions to make sure it’s worth the cost of keeping your campaign running, otherwise you’re losing/spending more money than you’re making.

Find Your Niche

We also recommend that you find your niche if you hope to make money through affiliate marketing. It’s best that you decide on an industry, such as e-books or technology, and focus on those specific services or products. You’ll be much more effective at selling something you actually use, have an interest in or are knowledgeable about. Not only are you likely to make more money this way, you’re also more likely to enjoy your time rather than dread the work you have to put in.

Do Your Research

Before you launch your marketing campaign, research the overall demand for the product or service in which you’re interested in offering. While you might be among the best salespeople, you’re unlikely to have much luck selling something like VHS players. In addition to checking out what’s popular in Florida now, take a peek at what’s becoming more popular in order that you can jump on it before everyone else does. It’s always best to get ahead of the trend rather than play catch-up.

Join Forums

Rather than go through a period of trial-and-error with affiliate marketing, it’s better to learn at the feet of the masters, which you can do through marketing forums. Examples of such forums, all of which are free, include Warrior Forum, Digital Point and aBestWeb. You’ll learn from marketers of various experience levels, but make sure you actually participate rather than simply observe.

While a great way to make extra income, affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone. See which side of the line on which you fall by plunging in with these tips.