The power of data in today’s world of marketing has shifted traditional approaches. Agencies cannot push out a campaign, hoping that consumers will eventually declare loyalty to a brand if they’re bombarded enough with an image or slogan. Today’s marketing pivots around the independent actions of the consumer, and it is the role of the marketer to understand, segment, and quantify this behavior.

One McKinsey report finds that companies have difficulty getting started with data and discovery. At Savage Global, we pride ourselves on our ability to hone in on particular actions and translate them into digestible data. From paid and organic search, to web development and video production, our team has years of experience capturing the consumer’s attention at all possible touchpoints.

With the rapid pace of marketing and digital, a business would be hard pressed to succeed without a marketing partner that is dedicated to their success and not afraid to be innovative and bold. Buyers have increasingly turned to online reviews in their searches, finding them to be particularly useful in identifying an ideal agency fast and efficiently.

Clutch, a B2B marketing platform, provides third-party, verified reviews that are professional and personal. They use reviews to rank and organize companies, giving buyers a directory of companies to choose from. Their analysts speak directly with clients to understand the services delivered to them, the results the client received, and other relevant aspects of the collaboration.

We serve a variety of clients, from Fortune 500 to startups, but regardless of the business size or reputation, 98% of our clients have been with us for 3+ years. In fact, in one our Clutch reviews, the operations manager of an automotive company, who we provided an SEO strategy to, commented:

“Savage Global is not just a vendor, we consider them a partner in our business.”

We work with our clients to creating lasting success, and our Clutch reviews specifically show how we have done this for a number of our partners. We’re excited to be present on a platform that showcases our emphasis on ROI and customer service. We hope that those who stumble on these reviews will be convinced that our team can deliver innovative and data-driven campaigns!