4 Things you aren’t doing to Increase your Retail Sales

It\’s not what you sell it\’s how you sell it. A mistake often made in retail is that retailers often try to let their products sell themselves. There is so much that goes into selling a product to a customer.

This begs the question, What are you doing to make sure that your product is in as many hands as possible? Not what your product is doing but what are YOU doing?
In this blog, I\’m going to teach you the 4 things you never knew needed to increase your retail sales.

First things first…

Why is it important to know?

These tips are going to be very obvious. Like extremely obvious! These simple changes will be the difference between $25,000 in sales per month and $50,000 in sales per month.

Customers hate waiting, create a process.

Please do not have your customers waiting! No matter what. If you work on the floor nine times out of ten your job title is sales associate so you should be selling. Instead of just walking around and asking customers can I help you? actually interact and greet them. By the way can I help you? is the worst possible way to greet someone.

Every time a new customer walks in they should be going through a process. A role-play and script should be made readily available for your employees so that they know what to do and say when a potential customer enters your store.

What\’s the process?


The first thing you should do is greet your customers. DUH right? Like I mentioned earlier in this blog, most sales associates say can I help you. Let\’ s try to steer away from that and greet the customers with something like Hello, how are you doing today? or Hello welcome to (brand name).Branding your greeting helps with instilling your brand in the mind of your customers.

Also, if a customer visits your shop frequently make it your mission to learn and greet them with their name. This makes their visit to your store more personal.

Tell them what\’s going on

Do you have anything on sale? Are there any promotions that you feel that your customers could benefit from? Have your employees share this information with them.

Keep your brand in mind

Remember people don\’t buy products they buy your brand. Everyone wants to be apart of something bigger than themselves and your brand is one of those things.

Make sure your employees understand your brand and present your brand the way that it should be presented.

Customers who visit your store are part of your brand\’s family so treat them like family.

Sell Benefits, not Features

Customers do not care about what features a product may possess. They want to hear how the product will help them and how it will make them feel. Customers want to know what\’s in it for them.

For example, if you are selling a weight loss supplement instead of explaining what makes the supplement work, tell the customer that this weight loss supplement will help them lose 15 pounds in a month.

Create an effective marketing plan

You are running a business and you may not have time to worry about marketing. But marketing is one of the most important aspects of your business. You may have a very valuable business but how are your potential customers going to know about what you offer if you don\’t have an effective marketing plan?

You should be connecting with your target audience. You can connect with your target audience on social media, content marketing, and paid advertisement.

If you don\’t have time to handle this you should hire a marketing agency.


Retail is the bridge that connects consumers with the goods of the word. As a retailer, it\’s your job to make sure that you are catering to your customers at all times.

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