Whether the target market of your product or service consists of tech-obsessed teens or tech-obsessed millennials, the way we use social media and content marketing is changing right before our eyes. Influencer marketing has taken most, if not all, social media platforms by storm. Throughout this article, I will explain what Influencer Marketing is and how it could potentially beneficial to your business.

What exactly is “Influencer Marketing?”

Influencer Marketing is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a form of marketing that utilizes public figures with a strong online presence to market a brand, product, or service. There are a few aspects of influencer marketing that make it stand out from the rest. For one, it makes marketing personable. Influencers are what they are because of the content they produce and share on social media. They share parts of their lives with their audience, building a sense of trust. Think about it this way. Would you rather visit a lawyer your close friend recommenced or one you saw on a billboard on your way to work this morning? Exactly.
Now, it may seem crazy to compare a close friend’s recommendation to that of an online public figure, but as I said before, the way we utilize social media is changing. People genuinely feel like these online figures and can trust their opinion on certain products and services. If you think about it, it’s in some way similar to when you read online reviews. You may not know ShaunaHunter344, but she seems to have had some interaction with XYZ company. After all, she did give them 5 stars. She says Gill at the front desk was kind and accommodating so maybe I should do business with them. You trust a complete stranger so maybe it’s not that crazy that online users trust online public figures they’ve followed for some time. 
Take a look at some business’s spending on influencer marketing alone: 
I’m sure you’ve heard of most, if not all of these brands. No surprise that the infamous Fashion Nova tops the list – they’re probably mentioned or tagged in every other post I see while I scroll through the gram. 
So, now that you have a better understanding of influencer, would you consider using it to compliment your other marketing efforts? If yes, here’s a few things to consider.

How Is Influencer Marketing Useful?

Firstly, I’d like to make clear that influencer marketing is not one that can stand on its own – it can only be used effectively if its paired with other forms of marketing such as social media and content marketing and brand and website development. 
Influencer marketing is much more than just sending your products to someone “insta famous” – your brand has to actually parallel with theirs. You simply cannot pay a fashion influencer with millions of followers to promote your new top of the line fishing rod. In fact, this could actually be very damaging for your brand. It shows that you put little thought and effort into brand promotion and are probably desperate to get your product out there. People pick up on that. Instead, do research into influencers and their following. Ensure they are reputable and resonate with your brand or product. This way, you are exposing your product or service to people who are highly likely to further investigate into what you offer as opposed to millions of people who are completely disconnected from your product or service. 
So now you’ve found the perfect influencer and you came to an agreement. They promote your product online and it gets a lot of positive attention. The influencer urges their followers to visit your website for more information. Your website isn’t user friendly, slow, outdated, doesn’t rank on Google, and the layout is simply uninviting. This not only damages your brand, but the influencer’s brand as well. They may not even agree to do business in the first place because of something as simple as your website. This is why we emphasized in the beginning that influencer marketing cannot stand on its own – there are perquisites to consider before even thinking about it. 
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