4 MIND-BLOWING Tips for Salespeople and Marketers for Car Dealerships

Every dealership wants to sell more cars but the question is how? How do you go from selling 500 cars a month to selling 1,000 cars a month? What\’s the formula?

In this blog, I’m going to discuss what you can do or have done for your business that will increase trust with your buyers and take your sales to the next level.

Have a Fantastic Website

car dealership marketing
It’s imperative that your website looks appealing to the eye and provide valuable information to your customers. Otherwise, your website is pointless.

Don’t let your website get left behind. In most cases, your website will be the first time a potential customer comes in contact with you.

A website is what helps build trust between you and your customers. So it’s important to make sure you have a great one. You can build a website with WordPress. If you don’t have the time to create a website yourself outsource it. It may cost but it’s worth it. It’s way better than having an old website. @ Also, make sure to have a blog section that informs your audience about everything that they should know when they are looking to purchase a car.

A great website can pull more people to your website, more engagements, and more cars that are sold (who doesn’t love selling more cars?).

Data is the Key

car dealership marketing

Data is everything. Without data you will be lost. It gives you a direction regarding how to and where to go to target your audience. So what do you do? Test! @ Test different platforms such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Youtube ads, and Google ads.

The most profitable platform will depend on the demographics of your target audience. Do you attract more of the younger crowd or the older crowd. Do you have a lot of men or women? Do you have more African Americans coming visiting your store or more Hispanics? Collect data so that you can better cater your content towards that demographic.

Be Transparent with your customers

car dealership marketing

You have to understand that there is so much information online that you have to be transparent about what you have to offer. We are past the point in time where we have to exaggerate products or not mention any flaws that it may have. So just be honest about everything.

Don’t hype up a car past what it really offers and disclose anything wrong with the car. This will build trust and respect between you and your customers. You also have to realize that a car is a huge investment for someone to make. Would you want someone to sell you a car that you aren’t fully informed about? Think how a buyer would think.

One way to be honest is to discuss the history of the car. Don’t be scared to mention the fact that a car has had to have work done it before. Be honest.

Utilize Visual Content

car dealership marketingCustomers love to see how things look. studies show that an average person spends 2 hours and 23 minutes per day on social media.

Capture your customers using visual content that is appealing to the eye. Videos and photos will work wonders. For example, taking a video of a customer test driving a car with a caption that says “Test a car to drive today” will be beneficial to your business.

People are more attracted to video content than photos. Videos give customers the chance to see how things are done at your dealership. Just like the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well a video is worth ten thousand words.


Step up your marketing with this blog. if you want an award-winning agency to do what was mentioned in this blog for your business feel free to contact us at Savage Global Marketing to take your marketing at your dealership to the next level!

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