Most marketers knew this was coming: Search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google have been introducing paid video ads in their SERPs on and off for the past few months. As video ads are more intrusive than text display ads, the companies have naturally used some restraint in order to get the best results. Savage Global Marketing experts believe that Google and the others won’t introduce video ads unless they’re absolutely certain that they won’t affect the user experience.

How Would It Work?

While video ads would be an important source of revenue to the search engines and other networks, they need to be implemented carefully. As we mentioned before, video ads can be intrusive. Anyone who has dealt with autoplay ads on Facebook knows how frustrating they can be.

Bing, Yahoo, and Google are working on a different, less intrusive way to deliver the ads. Bing and Yahoo display expandable thumbnails to deliver the ads. The user has to click on the thumbnail to play the ads. The thumbnail will expand, pushing down the search results, and play the advertisement.

Google is Trailing behind – for a Reason

There are many marketers that have commented on Google’s late entry into the testing of video ads. According to this article in Forbes, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook tested the ads a long time before Google entered the game. It’s rare for the search engine giant (which has always been a leader in innovation), to lag behind.

However, we believe that Google is only exercising its habitual caution. Google is known for its tendency to beta test features for a long time, to collect data, and see if a new technology or feature is viable. The company always proceeds with caution and in this case it is justified. However, Google’s late entry into the video ads sphere is just an indication that video ads will be a reality in the future. The addition of Google will validate this move in the eyes of many.

The late entry that Google has made into this space, doesn’t mean that it’ll fall behind. In fact, we’re confident that it’ll emerge a leader, solely because of YouTube. Google owns YouTube and most ads are usually present on that platform. Along with YouTube, you have Google search capabilities, the auto-play ad real estate, as well as Google Analytics. In all, you have a neat little package to invest in. It doesn’t hurt that Google is the largest search engine at present and things won’t change in the near future.

Perhaps it’s time for businesses to start creating good video ad content. When video ads are introduced, people with fresh video ads would have an advantage over people without ads, or those with old ads.

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