SEO isn’t an easy concept to understand. In fact, over the years, this marketing strategy has grown and evolved to become a nearly unrecognizable beast. As the search engines become more sophisticated and precise, the strategies to rank high in their results page become more complicated. Now, marketers have to work harder to get the right results.

They need to dedicate time and effort to ensure that the strategy yields good results and the client’s website link is ranked high on the SERPs. There are several Miami SEO companies out there that promise you a position on top of the SERPs, but would they really be able to achieve that? Savage Global Marketing, urges you to consider the following points before you hire an SEO company.

1 – Promises they Make

There are some SEO professionals out there that like to portray an illusion of control. They claim that they have complete control over your search engine rank. In reality, no one has complete control over the website rank. Google ranks the pages based on over 250 ranking factors. While marketers can speculate what the ranking factors are, no one really knows for certain. The problem is compounded by the fact that search engines keep changing the algorithm and introduce new ranking factors.

There’s no question of control. That’s why you should be wary of Miami SEO companies that promise results that would be impossible to deliver. If they guarantee a top spot in the SERP, they’re exaggerating and overestimating their skill and their luck. Good SEO companies will always promise to help improve your rankings. They will use strategies and techniques that will polish your website and your reputation. That would lead to an increase in rank.

2 – Their Website

Before you hire a Miami SEO company, you should look at their website. That’s usually their best SEO work. You should check how long it takes for their website to load, their website structure, and the content. This would give you an idea of what you can expect from them. The more detailed and comprehensive their website, the better SEO company they are. Most SEO companies would also provide reference links to other websites that they have worked on. You should peruse these websites carefully. It’s a good idea to pay particular attention to the content.

On-going SEO usually involves a lot of content creation. The SEO company would provide a steady supply of content for your blogs to improve your reputation and your rankings. Study the content published on their blog and the blogs of websites they’ve worked on. If you find good content, you can be certain that the content that would be posted on your website would be great as well.

3 – Types of SEO

Very few people are aware that there are different types of SEO. Different types of SEO require slightly different strategies and tactics. You should consider just what your requirement is before hiring a Miami SEO company. For example, if you own a small, local business and want to bring traffic to your brick and mortar business, you need to hire an expert in local SEO.

However, if you own an e-commerce website that would deliver products to all corners of your state or the entire country, you need to hire an expert in E-commerce SEO. The strategies used in local and e-commerce SEO are vastly different. You can’t really use e-commerce SEO for local small businesses with a physical store. That’s why it’s important to hire an SEO expert that understands the kind of service you need.

4 – Reputation

There are review websites and other such sources that would give you some idea about the quality of service you can expect from the Miami SEO company you intend to hire. However, you need to understand that SEO isn’t a quick process. Most business owners assume that the results of an SEO strategy would start to show immediately. They expect to see an increase in revenue and flow of traffic to their website.

If they don’t see results immediately, they start to wonder if the SEO expert has done a good job. The result of this is bad reviews on review sites, amongst other things. It’s a much better idea to actually communicate with the SEO expert and speak with previous clients to get a better idea about the skills and effectiveness of the SEO company. You should choose a client that the company has been working with for, over six months. That would give you adequate amount of information about the quality of the services.

5 – Reporting and Communication

As we mentioned before, SEO takes time and is implemented steadily over a course of few months. The results of the strategy also take time to show. But you need to know and understand the effect of SEO. It’s always a good idea to choose a company that promises regular reports and communicates proactively with you. In many cases, business owners pour money into SEO without seeing any significant return on their investment. They don’t bother monitoring the progress of their SEO efforts and continue to assume that everything is going well.

We always encourage our clients to be more vigilant. While our SEO experts will test and analyze all strategies to ensure that they deliver the highest ROI possible, not all Miami SEO companies are as careful as we are. They won’t revise the strategy or change things even after they stop getting the right results. It’s a good idea to look at the reports and analysis. If you notice any problems, you need to inform the SEO company immediately. That would ensure you get your money’s worth.

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