Boat Sales: The Ultimate Guide to Thinking like your Buyer

STOP HERE! I want you to think of yourself as a customer who is on the market for a new boat. Not as a boat salesperson and not as a boat dealer but as a buyer.

Are you there [email protected] In this blog, I\’m going to show how to think of boat sales from a buyer’s point of view?

When is the last time you boat a new boat? What was your thought process? Looking at buying a boat from a buyer’s perspective will provide you with some valuable information.

Every person that makes a purchase goes through this process. The process could be longer or shorter for each person. It could take days, weeks, or even months.

It\’s a three-step process. It includes the analyst stage, evaluator stage, and the buyer stage.

Analyst Stage

In this stage, customers are doing their homework. They are online getting all the questions that they have answered.

You must know that there is much time put into this research before a customer even steps foot inside your boat dealership.

Evaluator Stage

When the buyer starts diving deeper for information they now get into the evaluation stage. They are now trying to determine the following.

  • What style of boat do they want?
  • What brand are they going to get?
  • What dealer are they going to buy the boat from?
  • What price they are willing to pay for a boat?

The customer at this point is trying to get the most bang for their buck. I’m not saying they are looking for a cheap boat but I am saying that they are looking for a boat that is worth the price that a dealer is asking for it.

Buyer Stage

The closer a prospect gets to making a purchase the more fearful they become. When they are purchasing they want to make sure they are getting their boat at the right price.

The salesperson in this stage must show the customer that the value is way more than the price.

What do you do?

Provide information to your customers. When customers are looking for information you should be the one that\’s providing them with this information. This can be done with content marketing. Content marketing includes blogs, infographics, videos, etc. Its anything that provides useful information to your buyers.


We were happy to help you see the buyer’s perspective when they are on their journey to purchase a boat. From reading this I hope that it increases the chance of them buying that boat from you. If you ever need an award-winning agency to help you with this project feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 9546332963.

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