The Miami Marlins have won two World Series Titles. They are a reasonably competent team that delivers a good showing at tournaments. Despite this, they’re not very popular. In fact, some people don’t even know they exist. The Marlins lack fan support and encouragement. A signification portion of their stands remain empty during their games.

Our experts at Savage Global Marketing believe that the right marketing techniques can help The Marlins gain support and increase their morale. That would help them perform better and win more World Series titles in the future; here’s how SEO can help.

Local Awareness

A sports team is never stagnant; one day, the Miami Marlins would be playing in Miami, on another day they’ll be in Boston. If they want people to come to their games, they need to start marketing these events according to the location they’ll be held in. Most of their audience will be locals from Boston and the surrounding areas. Some hard-core fans from Miami might travel just to watch the match, but you can’t expect that to happen regularly.

With the help of local SEO, they can make people aware that the Marlins are playing in their city. The marketers promoting the team can target keywords like ‘Things to do in Boston’ or ‘weekend activities’, etc. The idea is to promote the Marlins and make people aware of the game as well.

Target Fans of the Game

Fans of baseball can be Miami Marlins’ greatest resource. While these fans are loyal to their favorite teams, they will also enjoy a good game. The marketers need to get these players interested in the game and convince them that the match would be worth their time and money.

One of the best ways to do it is stir the competitiveness of sports fans. For example, you can create content speculating whether a particular team would be able to beat the Marlins. This would stir debate and speculation online, which would easily capture the interest of fans; in turn, that would lead to an increase in ticket sales.

The Marlins can use both social media and SEO in conjunction to start creating a fan following. The presence of fans can create an energetic atmosphere in the stadium and motivate the players. That would lead to an improvement in performance.

Creating Guides and Helpful Articles

Baseball enthusiasts are always looking for tips and tricks that would elevate their game to the next level. The team can create content that answers questions about the sport or gives amateurs and parents the information they need. For example, the team can write about things like:

  • Who was the greatest Marlins player?
  • How to choose the right gloves for pitchers
  • How to throw a knuckle ball
  • How to swing the baseball bat

As a professional team, the Marlins have the knowledge and experience to write accurate and precise answers to such questions. They can even create video content that would act as tutorials for children learning the game. Such content would endear the team to others and lead to increased fan support. That would lead to increased fan presence in the stadium, which can be a morale booster.


Marlins need fan support. They need the stadium to be full and the atmosphere to be energetic. The only way that can happen is if they start winning fans over. They need to build a brand or a reputation that would connect with their targeted fan base. Their first priority should be to improve their reputation on their home turf. That means they need to start working on gaining fans amongst people who live in Miami.

They can do that by organizing Miami-exclusive events, creating contents, and offering special discounts, etc. SEO can help promote these events and contents, ensuring that a significant number of people are attracted to them. These are the strategies that would help the Marlins become more popular, and garner fan support. That would lead to better performance and perhaps a win as well.

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