What Is Online Marketing?

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the lay of the commercial land has definitely noticed a shift towards focusing business online. Florida companies are setting up stores online, communicating with customers and clients online, and accepting payments online. Something else they’re doing is marketing their services and products online. If you’re just breaking into the business world and want to start off on the right foot, you may be asking, “what is online marketing?” Savage Global Marketing has the answer.

Online Marketing Is Nuanced

Also known as internet marketing and online advertising, online marketing is a strategy that includes implementing a combination of email, search engine marketing, website development and online display ads to generate public awareness of your brand and better connect you with your target audience and other individuals interested in your products or services. Rather than look at online marketing as another form of traditional marketing, think of it as concentrating more on subtle messages and less on scattershot advertisements that target anyone who happens to come across your message.

Online Marketing Is Crucial to an Effective Website

In terms of your website, the question of “what is online marketing” is answered by the number of visitors who become customers. Your website is a menu of sorts that informs visitors of what you’re serving, the individuals most likely to enjoy your “dishes,” what goes into creating your wares and how you price your services or products. With this metaphor in mind, you want to cultivate your website/menu in a way that whets the visitor’s appetite and makes him or her want to try a taste. This is accomplished through online marketing. While it’s simple to design your own website, you’ll likely find your online advertising efforts are more successful when a professional company handles your site design.

Online Marketing Is Searchable

Search engines are also the answer to, “what is online marketing.” Specifically, you want to optimize your website so that it’s easy for Google and other search engines to promote it to the top of search results, which can also be accomplished with the help of a professional company. In addition to search engine optimization, you can also display pay-per-click ads on search engine results, which take users directly to your website.

Online Marketing Is Sociable

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other search engine platforms are also great fields for sowing the seeds of online marketing. In addition to keeping in contact with your current customers, you also have opportunities to attract potential customers from your target audience. Besides reaching out directly to your audience, you should also promote word-of-mouth and allow your customers to become advocates of your brand.

Online Marketing Is in Your Inbox

The answer to “what is online marketing” is also sitting right in your inbox. Email makes for the perfect opportunity to keep your customers informed through monthly newsletters, educational messages and coupons. Just make sure you don’t send too many emails; otherwise, you’ll have more people unsubscribing than you do signing up. Embrace online marketing for the effective and cost-efficient resource that it is. No matter how small or large your Florida-based business is, you’ve got much to gain with this simple strategy.

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