What Is Quora And Why Should You Care?

What is Quora, you ask? Well, it is one of the 100 most visited websites in the world. Founded in 2009, the site is now immensely popular among people of all age groups. In fact, a lot of marketers are also turning to the platform for better results. Here we talk about the platform and answer how marketers can use Quora to increase their reach and obtain leads.

What is Quora?

Quora is a Question and Answer site where anyone can ask a question, and people respond. Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo started the site in 2009. As a startup by former Facebook employees, Quora generated a lot of traction from notable names in Silicon Valley.

Big names like Dustin Moskovits (Facebook co-founder), Tim Westergreen (Founder of Pandora radio), Tristan Walker (Business Development Director Foursquare), and many others began using the site and attracted a lot of attention. Many followers of these Silicon Valley leaders began to use Quora for a chance to interact with these industry leaders.

Today the site is one of the ten most-visited websites globally, with over 100 million visitors monthly. It has become a hangout spot for people of all ages with varied interests. You can effortlessly find threads on drilling procedures, horror stories, plumbing tips, and even beauty products. Here if you ask – you shall receive not just one, but multiple answers.

How Can Marketers Use Quora?

The world of digital marketing, though vast, is fast becoming saturated with the same old tried and tested techniques and tools. We see major platforms like Facebook and YouTube become saturated and increasingly competitive.

Grabbing the target audience’s attention is no longer simple. Every marketer puts forward their best efforts to ensure their content ranks better. Almost all of them are also using SEO practices to help develop an edge. Here, changing the marketing platform might be the wisest decision a marketer can become, and Quora happens to be the ideal option.

What Does Quora Offer?

Quora is more than just a Q&A site. The site is actually an incredible platform that connects active knowledge seekers with providers. Here you can:

  • Reach out to everyone or target your questions to Quora users only.
  • You can post articles and blogs on their publishing platform, which operates similarly to LinkedIn.
  • You pay to increase the visibility of your questions so that more people can view and answer them.
  • You can search for specific questions related to your product and even add topics of your liking to your preference list to receive notifications.

Quora not only provides marketers with access to millions of visitors but also provides a platform where they can provide information about their products and services. You can even engage with industry leaders and build authority by gaining visibility and being active users and contributors.

How to Leverage Quora for Marketing

  • Create an optimized Quora profile.
  • Search for topics related to your products and turn on notifications.
  • Search for questions you can answer and reply with authority.
  • Provide detailed answers to those questions on your blog.
  • You can even build a Quora business page once you are confident you have gained substantial attention from the audience.
  • Analyze your Quora stats and keep improvising content to attract more attention.

If you want to build authority on the website, the first step is the most important. Your profile will introduce you to the audience, so make sure you write a catchy about me section. Make sure it includes all the essential information about you and your expertise.

After that, it’s all about research and responding to the right questions and asking the right questions. You can also add blogs to the mix for better results.


The answer to what is Quora is simple. It is an interesting Q&A platform with the potential to be one of the best digital marketing platforms. Here, we have included a rough guide as an answer to how marketers can use Quora.

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