Why Companies Are Afraid of Online Reviews

In some ways, running an online business is harder than running a business that has a physical storefront. When a shopper goes to a store, he or she can easily examine merchandise and determine if the product is of high quality and something they would want to purchase. When shopping online, a person only has pictures, the company’s claims and online reviews to rely on. For this reason, a company’s online reviews and how it handles online review management is very important. Some businesses simply hire a digital marketing agency to take care of the situation, but others are afraid of those reviews.

They Are Afraid of How Much Reviews Mean to Shoppers

Even if a company has amazing reviews and stellar online review management provided by a quality digital marketing agency, it can be daunting to think about how much those reviews mean to a shopper, especially when considering that many shoppers look at most recent reviews. If a company has had a dissatisfied customer leave reviews recently, it can make the business look bad. Still, responsible management is important. The fact remains that 55 percent of buyers look at the reviews that influence their decisions. Only 23 percent of those surveyed said a company’s reviews do not sway their decisions.

They Don’t Know How to React to Reviews

Many business owners simply aren’t sure how to handle online review management and don’t realize they can hire a digital marketing agency to do it for them. Even though it is easy to reply to a positive review with a quick message of thanks, some business owners don’t realize showing gratitude for a positive review will make the business look more favorable to potential customers. It gets even more difficult when considering negative reviews. It can be tempting to ignore them altogether, especially if the owner feels the review was unfair, but this lack of response will make future readers believe the owner simply doesn’t care how the customer feels. It is important to provide a public response that acknowledges the customer’s feelings and invites him or her to contact the company privately to resolve the issue. We cannot stress enough the importance of acknowledging a customer review; so if you\’re struggling to replying to a negative review, check out this helpful guide on responding to negative reviews online!

The Simply Can’t Manage the Reviews

Although Yelp! and Google Reviews are currently the most popular review websites, these types of websites are all over the internet—even Facebook has a section for customers to leave reviews on a company’s page. When factoring in a website, customer service, multiple social media platforms and multiple review sites, it can quickly get overwhelming to handle online review management. The answer is to hire a digital marketing agency that can consistently monitor for new reviews or mentions of the company that pop up. The marketing agency can deal with the reviews accordingly, passing along anything the owner needs to handle on his or her own.

They Worry About Illegitimate Reviews

Unfortunately, not all reviewers are honest. Sometimes people are just “trolling” on the internet and leave ridiculous and bad reviews for fun, not realizing just how important those star ratings are to a business. Sometimes the customer was just in a really terrible mood and turned a non-issue into something major. In each of these cases, even a digital marketing agency can’t do much in regards to online review management. However, sometimes competitor businesses post negative reviews about other local companies in an attempt to tarnish their reputation. In these cases, if somebody can prove the review is inaccurate and was posted by a competitor, most review websites will review it.

They Believe There Is No Other Way to Receive Feedback

Many companies don’t stop to think of the other ways they can receive feedback. While online review management will probably always be a vital part of managing an online business, a digital marketing agency can help a company find other ways to receive feedback. For many companies, this means sending follow-up emails or asking customers to complete surveys about their experience. If a business provides something such as home improvement services, the business owner may call clients after a few weeks to see if they still love their remodel. By conducting research and reaching out to customers, businesses can find where they receive common complains and work to fix them, which prevents further negative reviews online.

Online reviews are not going anywhere, but they are also nothing to fear. The proper online review management strategy coupled with a professional digital marketing agency to handle them can help to ensure a company’s reputation has nowhere to go but up.

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