All Points Boats

All Points Boats is a 30-year old yacht engineering company that is addressing a seismic transformation in the industry’s history: digitization. They have a wealth of content and face the critical need to develop strong online visibility and traffic to their website and products. Their challenge is to capture search traffic with brand new content while dealing with growing competition and the ever-changing search environment. The company had recently faced a search engine algorithm update and penalty that wiped out virtually half of the natural search traffic to their website. In addition, APB needed to prove the value of investment in content marketing and SEO to secure support and resources from management to remedy the penalty and grow organic search as a primary marketing channel. A 30+ year yacht service business that specializes in ABS welding, piping and custom fabrication. They are in Lauderdale Marine Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL with 2 shops and 1 office for you to come visit.

The Objectives

All Points Boats first contacted Savage Global Marketing following various issues they had encountered with their existing Marketing company at the time. In turning to Savage Global, APB’s goal was to fully redevelop apb1.com with a strong focus on key components such as navigation and browser compatibility. The company also wanted to focus on increasing their online and mobile sales. Finally, they also sought to add new interactive features to the site to generate more buzz.

What We Did:

The new website for All Points Boats was revamped with a bold new design and several upgraded functionalities, including a new homepage image slideshow, RSS feeds, Flash accents, an interactive show floor plan, and printable media badges. The website has several key features, including a multimedia galleries, boats on display, interactive tour, and media, sponsor, and exhibitor tools. The wealth of videos and images in the popular services area offer a comprehensive listing of current and future projects to generate plenty of buzz and help encourage future conversions.

The Savage Results:

  •   Increased customer engagement

  •   Increase online leads and conversions

  •   Increase awareness of the APB brand

  •   Decrease bounce rate

Here is some screen

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