Autoboutique Collision

Autoboutique Collision is located in Miami, Florida providing industry leading results in auto collision repair and paint. In the business for over 25 year, we use top of line materials and use PPG Paint on the vehicle repairs. Autoboutique Collision provides lifetime warranty on the customer's vehicle based from the repairs from the insurance and works with all major insurance companies.

The Objectives

Proud of their website, Autoboutique Collision wanted to dramatically increase the volume of new customers not only to their website, but also at their collision center. Danny Gomez recognized that users today primarily use search engines to research and find new businesses. However, after the new website was built in 2016, AutoboutiqueCollision.com was receiving virtually no traffic from search engines. So, DAnny hired Savage Global Marketing as an enterprise-level tool to develop a comprehensive SEO plan and boost overall conversion.

What We Did:

Savage Global Marketing reports showed rapid organic traffic improvements. Organic traffic jumped 23% and Autoboutique Collision commanded a 3X increase in share of voice with its competitors. Critical keywords moved from not ranked to Position #8. Within specific key geographies, top keywords went from Rank #43 to Position #3. In this case, having the right tools translated into recovering substantial lost traffic and revenue.

The Savage Results:

  •   Increased customer engagement by 345% in the first quarter

  •   Increase online leads and conversions by 700%

  •   Increased brand visibility by 93.9% in the first quarter

  •   Improved sales conversion from 2% to 13% per month in the first quarter

Here is some screen

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