Everglades Electric

Everglades Electric has been providing electrical supplies and equipment to contractors and business owners in South Florida since 1971. No job is too big or too small! From landscape lighting to service change equipment, they have it all in stock, ready for purchase. And what they don’t have, they can certainly get.

The Objectives

Operating for over 40 years, Everglades Electric needed a new website design to showcase their products and services. Additionally, the website should encourage user engagement with the brand, promoting order submissions and connecting with its customers in a deeper level.

What We Did:

Savage Global Marketing developed a website with a look and feel that resembles the store, making customers feel at home at Everglades Electric. By making their vendors catalogs available and improving the ordering process for the customer, we have enhanced the overall User Experience (UX), consequently increasing sales and customer satisfaction for Everglades Electric.

The Savage Results:

  •   Achieved a more streamlined order process

  •   Increased website traffic by over 100% in the first month

  •   Created a style for them that was unique and branded

  •   User Experience that is loved by captains, crew & customers

Here is some screen

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