Foster’s Yacht Services

They are a 30+ year yacht service business that is inside of the Lauderdale Marine Center. They offer over 27 services for yacht and boat owners that is completed by a team of 31. They specialize in fiberglass construction and ABS custom design services. A large focus of the migration was on limiting any negative impact to the organic channel: reductions in organic traffic, organic revenue, total keyword presence in the Search Engine Results Pages, or total pages indexed by the Search Engines. There was an understanding that removing a product category from the site would most likely lead to a decrease in all categories, but that through careful planning this decrease could be minimized.

The Objectives

They were looking to build a website that was recognized and branded to the color scheme (yellow and blue). They had requested a clean simple look that allowed for captains and owners to easily move through the site finding any service they may need.

What We Did:

Multiple data points were used to track the progression of the Foster’s site over time to ensure goals and expectations were met. All of this was achieved through the detailed process of mapping, planning, auditing, and information sharing at regular intervals over the months prior to launch, and now exists as an outline for how a typical migration and redesign can benefit from a focus on the organic channel during such a time. We created their branded style website that came out beautiful. Anyone that knows this company would recognize it at first glance of opening the website on desktop or mobile. This allowed us to create a lasting effect on the customers.

The Savage Results:

  •   204% increase in sessions YTD

  •   44% decrease In bounce rate

  •   54% increase in page views

  •   39% increase in online leads and calls

Here is some screen

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