GOiNNOVA is a specialty retailer offering an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in quality and design, and are not available from other retailers. The consistently unique line of products, the fun interactive shopping environment, and the LOWEST PRICES are the reason more and more people seek out www.GOiNNOVA.com each year. The company is dedicated to providing the newest and most innovative products available in the market that improve the pace we go and the quality of life we live everyday. Ideas that turn inconveniences into a convenience. Products that are more fun, efficient, and safe to enjoy everyday life at the best value.

The Objectives

The main goal of the site was to develop a new lead generating site to help bring in at least 100 qualified leads a month Target the competition and outrank competitors organically. Achieve and maintain first page rankings for targeted keywords and be established among organic rankings.

What We Did:

Savage Global Marketing was able to identify and isolate the various technical issues that were causing the algorithmic penalties. Utilizing our platform, SGM was able to pinpoint issues and address them by assigning tasks for implementation. On the next crawl and re-index, our team witnessed a full recovery and even higher levels of visibility than in pre-penalty periods. In just 7 months, the results were dramatic: 30% increase in keywords in 1st rank position (more than 1000 keywords), 93% increase in organic traffic, 68% increase in organic traffic conversion, and 96% increase in organic traffic revenue.

The Savage Results:

  •   Increased online leads by 64.4%

  •   Increased conversion rate 1.3% to over 11%

  •   Decreased bounce rate to under 19%

  •   96% increase in organic traffic