Pines Ford

Located in Pembroke Pines, FL, Pines Ford is the leading Ford dealership in the South Florida area. The company has strong roots in physical retail and ecommerce is an emerging channel for them. Pines Ford did not have a methodical approach to content marketing and for capturing organic traffic. Ultimately, Pines Ford was struggling to adjust their online visibility to keep up with the national downward trend in lead volume as many consumers were turning towards online search for their car shopping needs.

The Objectives

They needed a strategy beyond the outdated cookie-cutter methods that could move quickly enough to keep up with Google’s ever-changing recommendations while proving that they could continue to bring visitors to Pines Ford website. After discussing their website platform, lead guarantee, and company-wide focus on search engine optimization, website conversion, and customer service with Savage Global Marketing, Pines Ford felt ready to make the switch. Even before moving to their website platform, it was clear to Mr. Carrieri how “focused” Savage Global Marketing was on “increasing our online visibility” and converting organic website traffic into leads.

"We, at Pines Ford Lincoln, have been doing business with Savage Global Marketing for close to three years and our experience has been simply remarkable. Savage Global Marketing goes above and beyond our online service needs. Our SEO has been increased dramatically and efficiently because of their staff member dedication and their top the line technology. Perhaps the best part is the personalized customer service they offer, on-call and ready to serve and answer any question as needed without the hassle of dealing with automated systems and lack of personal attention which is what every successful business desires. - Martin Carrieri, GM at Pines Ford

What We Did:

Savage Global Marketing was able to identify and isolate the various technical issues that were causing the algorithmic penalties. Utilizing our platform, SGM was able to pinpoint issues and address them by assigning tasks for implementation. On the next crawl and re-index, our team witnessed a full recovery and even higher levels of visibility than in pre-penalty periods. Additionally, our team was able to analyze competitors, conduct a thorough site audit, optimize existing content, and launch numerous link-building campaigns. This approach helped the team prioritize SEO initiatives, create a strong workflow, and implement tactics according to schedule. This allowed us to reap the benefits of enhanced visibility prior to their peak season of business.

The Savage Results:

  •   Increase in users by over 101% YOY

  •   37% increase in online leads YTD

  •   Increase in sessions by 95.4% YOY

  •   54% increase in page views YTD