Why Use Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixels on Your eCommerce Website

Using Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixels on your ecommerce website is a great idea as a marketer and a business owner. Incorporating tools into your data analysis and research can make it easier to follow campaigns on your social media and website. It can also help to properly understand the behavior and activities of […]

What is Shopify and How Does it Work?

If you have been looking at ways to sell products online, then Shopify is a name you might have run into by now. Thanks to technological advancements, selling products online has become an excellent idea for a full-time job or side hustle for many folks. Here, we will talk a bit about Shopify – specifically; […]

Ensuring Your Website Is ADA Compliant

While there aren’t any surefire laws that websites have to adhere to when it comes to accessibility, ensuring your website is ADA compliant can be a good idea. Digital accessibility refers to websites, applications, and digital content that anyone can use. It takes into account the cognitive, speech, motor, auditory, or visual disabilities individuals may […]

Best Payment Methods for E-Commerce Business

The advent of the internet has opened doors to endless opportunities for businesses. People who couldn’t afford or manage opening a physical brick-and-mortar store have managed to set up online stores, and are doing pretty well at it. If you’re planning on starting an e-commerce store, you should be well aware of essential prerequisites without […]

9 Product Launch Ideas by the Pros of E-Commerce

Product launch is one of the most exciting and stressful phases for any organization. While product development may seem like a daunting task, product launch is often the most critical deciding factor when it comes to the success of your product. So if your product is ready for launch, find out 9 ideas that you […]

4 Key Differences Between Home Pages and Landing Pages

If you are a business owner who is looking to reach out to a wider audience, then building a website for your business is probably very high on your to-do list. Now, let’s say you’ve made all the necessary pages on your website, including a killer home page, but you’re still not getting the right […]

7 Challenges That Most Ecommerce Businesses Face

The Ecommerce space is chock full of players and competitors, it’s more of a rat-race now than when it began. What’s more, the rules of the online business keep changing, and there are several smart strategies that lots of related businesses use for their competitive advantage. With the heavy saturation of ecommerce businesses, there are […]

 5 Ways to Make Kick-Ass Landing Pages

We all want our online marketing to be successful. How could it be successful without perfectly executed landing pages? Landing pages are like a net that captures your traffic and turns it to conversions. What is a landing page? A landing page is a web page created to make a customer make an action. This […]