Become The Facebook Audience Master With These Tips

Knowing your audience is the key to targeting them effectively and driving sales. Facebook provides with over a billion people in audience, and it is up to you to decide how smarty you market to them. If you have been having trouble in getting it right, here are a few tips to make you perform better and make the best out of Facebook.

1. Learn from your Competition

Whether you are new to the industry or not, it is always advisable that you stay updated on what your competitor is doing. Observe their ways of doing things, their marketing strategies, how often they post and the kind of content they post. Do not copy what they are doing but it might help you gain more insight into what you could be doing. Come up with campaigns and strategies that make your brand get more attention and noise than your competitor.

2. Understand Your Demographic

Understanding your audience is the first step of an effective advertising campaign. Demographic factors that you should be taking into account about your audience include:

• Location
• Gender
• Age
• Work
• Interests
• Life Events
• Politics

Once you have acquired the information, you can tweak your content and campaigns according to what your audience likes, relates to and resonates with, helping you get more reach and engagement.

3. Use Visuals

It genuinely goes without saying that photos and videos are better than mere texts. Photo posts grab at least 39% more attention on Facebook, so make sure your visual game is strong. If the visuals attract attention, more users will be interested in reading your content and your offerings. Try to get aesthetically appealing visuals designed that resonate with your target audience and attach them with each post to get more traction.

4. Use a Call-to-Action

It is sad when you post a brilliant and engaging post that users read through with much interest but don’t know what to do after it because you did not specify it. Do you want them to comment, share, sign up, take a free trial, donate, or purchase? You have to tell the audience what you want them to do for them to follow through. If you don’t add a link to your shop at the end of your post and calling on people to visit the store, you will not be driving sales through your Facebook.

5. Post at the Right Time

You might think it petty, but it actually makes a difference at what time you post your content on Facebook. There are certain peak hours where more people are signed into the app and your posts have a better chance to be visible. Some research has shown that gives brands the least visibility.

6. Engage Your Audience

Audience engagement is crucial. With hundreds of posts on their timelines every day, people generally tend to skip over most. What can you do to make them pause, read your post and engage with it? With more people commenting or sharing your post, your post gets a lot of exposure and free marketing, which is really good for your brand. Though there are hundreds of things you can do to make sure your engagement levels are high, some common tactics that work are holding a contest or asking a question. People rush to comment or share such posts and they get significantly higher engagement rates.

7. Run a Targeted Ad Campaign

Though there is no shortage of free Facebook advertising options, if you are willing to spend even a little bit of money on paid promotional campaigns on Facebook, it could go a long way for you and bring you enormous business. Facebooks targeted campaign allows you to narrow down your target audience and promote specifically to those who have the highest chances of conversion.

8. Make Use of Insights

The analytics feature, known as Insights, has been made free by Facebook. If you are not taking full advantage of this, you are missing out on so much. the Insights option gives you detailed information on how your page and your posts have been doing, what reach they have been getting and the demographics of the people who have been interacting with your page the most. This valuable information could prove valuable to any business.

It is so very necessary to be available on all possible touchpoints of your audience for your brand to be successful. We can safely say that Facebook is perhaps the biggest touchpoint of all. Investing in advertising on Facebook and applying these tips will never go in vain.