Best Performing Facebook Ad Types and Why

When you talk about social media marketing, what is the first platform that pops into your mind? For most, the answer will be Facebook! Facebook is undeniably the king of social media, and certainly the one that has the most users, the most engagement and the most effective lead generation.

Facebook is the one platform that your brand cannot afford to not be on. With its advertising and marketing tools, there is a world of opportunities out there with Facebook. Facebook ads have proven successful in bringing in too many leads for business, helping them make extraordinary number of sales and profits, and giving them the recognition that they need.

Facebook is possibly the most important touchpoint for your consumers and running ads on there could be just what your business needs. Facebook has a plethora of marketing tools at the disposal of businesses that you can use to target and market to your target audience. You can also run ads on Facebook, of which there are several types.

Here are some of the best performing types of Facebook ads.

Image Ads

An image ad is the most basic form of ad option used on Facebook. Although it is basic, it is vastly used as it is an easy-to-understand option and does not require a lot of effort.

Facebook has the option to support most formats of pictures to be displayed in the ad hence it is easy to use. You can conveniently add a text to the image about your brand or the product and its features and have your ad good to go. Your picture would be the focal point of the ad so make sure that the picture is enough to grab a viewer’s attention and the rest can be explained in the text.

Video Ads

Grab your viewer’s attention by displaying something that is moving. A video ad allows you to add a video as a means of communicating with the viewer. You will be able to convey a crisp, clear message to the audience about the brand or your products in a meaningful way.

A video ad lets you tell a story of your brand or to display something unique of your product so that you have the advantage to engage with the viewer and influence them to click and know more.

The video ad helps you educate the buyer or viewer into knowing more about you or your product’s usage. Create a video that is enticing enough that they stop and watch the ad and make an impact on the viewer’s mind.

Carousal Ads

Carousel ads, as the name suggests, allows you to add up-to 10 pictures or videos in a form of carousel which can be viewed by the audience. Facebook can then allow you to optimize each card with its own link. This feature then allows you to display different angles of your product, customizing each of the card and allowing you to adjust the placement of the cards as well.

Although this ad is expensive, it is very effective if you want to showcase different angles, varieties of the product or showcase multiple features. It is a great way to tell a story so people can actively engage.

Instant Experience

Instant Experience comes into play when someone clicks your ad on a mobile device. An immersive full screen display is popped up giving you a chance to highlight your brands or products. This type of ad helps you grab attention of the viewer by displaying high quality content and is supported with most formats of ads which can be displayed in a full screen.

Instant Experience can help you engage with your customer by highlighting the story of your brand through a combination of ads plus texts. The main giveaway of this ad is that there is no negative space in the screen as you cover the whole screen and can display whatever you want to the viewer.

There is no ‘best’ or ‘worst’ type of Facebook ad. Each ad has its own pros and cons, and which ones suit your business depend on several factors such as your budget, your product, and the brand objectives of your business. You must analyze which Facebook ad type would be the most effective for your specific brand and invest accordingly.