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How Facebook’s Ad Review Process Works?

With over 2.4 billion users around the world, Facebook is the world\\’s largest social network. But it is also one of the most popular sites for marketers. According to statistics, in the year 2020, 87.1% U.S. marketers will use Facebook for their businesses. Since Facebook is such a huge opportunity for businesses worldwide, it is essential to know how Facebook\\’s ad review process works. With a detailed insight into how the Facebook ad review process works, you will be better positioned to promote your business on the world\\’s third most visited website.

Ad Review Process – Overview

Once you create an ad on Facebook, your ad is subject to a review process so that your ad complies with Facebook\\’s advertising policy. Once you submit your ad, by clicking on Promote, your ad goes in a queue of ads that are pending review, and a team of highly trained Facebook employees will review your ad. They reserve the right to approve or reject your ad based on Facebook\\’s Advertising Guidelines. Whether your ad is approved or rejected, you will be notified by the company. You must remember that once you click on promote, you automatically agree to the Facebook Terms of Service.

Typically, the Facebook ad review takes 24 hours, but data indicates that the response time may vary between 5 minutes to 2 working days. AdEspresso’s data on Facebook ad approval time reveals that for a quicker review, it is best to submit your ads on working days between 8 am and 8 pm Pacific Standard Time with morning submissions getting an even quicker response.

Each ad is evaluated based on the text, images, target audience, positioning of the ad, and the content on your ad\\’s landing page. Your ad may not be approved in the following [email protected] – Your ad\\’s landing page is not fully functional, or there is misleading information on your landing page.

  • Your ad does not match the product or service that you are promoting.
  • There is too much text in your ad’s image.
  • The ad is not relevant to the target audience.
  • There are disruptive images and videos in your ad or on the landing page.
  • Your ad doesn\\’t fully comply with Facebook’s Advertising Policies.

However, since the Facebook ad review process is human-based, it tends to be subjective and there is always a possibility that a good ad may be rejected, and a bad ad may be approved. Also, an ad that is rejected by someone might be approved by someone else.

Now that you already know how the ad review process works, it is time to find out what to do if your ad is not approved.

What Can I Do If My Ad is Rejected?

If your Facebook ad is rejected, you will receive an email that explains why your ad was rejected. Now you have two options to proceed.

Option 1: Edit/Recreate

Once you know why your ad was rejected, you can edit it to make sure that it complies with Facebook\\’s advertising policies. In case, there were concerns over the content of the landing page, and relevance to the target audience, you can always sort the problems and edit your ad.

However, if your ad is rejected again or you could no longer edit it, you can always recreate and submit a new ad for review.

Option 2: Appeal the Decision

If you feel that the content was appropriate and your ad rejection was a possible mistake at the end of the company, you can appeal the decision using this form.

Final Words

Facebook is a popular social media and to give a boost to your e-commerce, you must fully explore this opportunity. Knowing how the Facebook ad review process works, gives you a chance to promote your business globally.