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Top 5 YouTube Advertising Tips to Generate Website Traffic

However, while some are able to achieve this, others aren’t. This is because contrary to popular belief creating content and generating views is a skill. Therefore, here are some YouTube advertising tips to help you get on your way to success!

Your YouTube Channel Needs to be Search Engine Optimized

Big scary words while they may be, they can help you in establishing your channel in a manner that will without a doubt help get many more followers and views. If your aim is to learn how to advertise on YouTube, then mastering this skill is essential because YouTube has a search algorithm which you can use to your advantage. For this purpose, keep the following points in mind:

  • Always remember to do a comprehensive keyword research
  • Create a script which incorporates the keywords relevant to your website
  • Add descriptions which are short and sharp, preferably about 150 words
  • Get creative with your title – it should capture the attention of potential viewers

Other factors that can make an impact are the presence of clickable video annotations, video length and tags.


You’re creating a channel with the purpose of increasing website traffic with YouTube. In order to fulfill this, your channel needs to be coherent. This can be understood in two ways. The first is that within your channel, all content and videos should follow a pattern so that it isn’t a jumbled up mess. Second, it should also be strongly connected to whatever your website is about!

Value Adding Content

The rule that should always be present in your mind is that if you don’t have something that will add value for your customers, just don’t post it! Content posted on your channel should all be related and value adding. This even applies to advertisements on YouTube! Any advertisements you are looking to do through your videos should be aligned with the overall channel and website.


This isn’t a very technical aspect, and you definitely don’t have to delve into marketing books. The basic idea is to create a personality that stands out for your channel. Even the smallest of factors can create a difference here such as fonts, color schemes and an effective [email protected] ## The Power of Influencers

Influencers are labeled owing to the following they have amassed. Using their influence can be quite beneficial. Think of it this way, you can either deliver the benefits of your products, or you can send them out to influencers and then interview them about their experience. This will of course need some impressive networking [email protected] If you want to strike big, think outside the box, and utilize all available means that you can. The trick with YouTube is to work smart!