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5 Marketing Reports You Should Have on Your Desk Every Week

Marketing is at the heart of every business. It is what drives business growth, sales, expansion, and determines long term success. Large corporations employ thousands of marketing techniques and carry out tons of marketing campaigns to achieve company targets. However, not all marketing campaigns are successful, and you must continuously monitor and evaluate the progress of each to determine which is bringing you results and what needs to be done away with. Here, we talk about

5 marketing reports you should review weekly.

1. SEO Reports

The SEO reports will highlight the company’s optimization strategies and how fruitful they are. This report is very important for all companies who want to establish a digital presence and attract digital customers. It will drive organic traffic, help the company gain visibility, and establish it as an authority or trusted source.

The SEO report should include details about what changes were introduced in the past week and how they have affected traffic, SERP ranking, unique visitors, blog traffic, and consumer behavior and trends.

2. Email Marketing Report

The email marketing report will highlight how successful or unsuccessful the campaign is. It should include the number of conversions and unique visitors brought via emails. If the number of visitors has dropped, the marketing report should include the possible reasons and present clear solutions to enhance the campaign’s performance.

3. Paid Marketing Reports

SEM or pay per click strategy is often the most important for a business’s digital marketing. It can help the business gain visibility in a short amount of time and also helps the company optimize its website. The report on paid marketing should include details of:

  • Expenditures
  • Revenue generation
  • Unique visitors
  • Overall traffic share
  • Performance evaluation report

The report should outline the strengths of the campaign and its weaknesses. It should also provide suggestions and solutions to bring in better results. ## 4. Leads and Conversions

The leads and conversion report can help the marketing head identify which strategy is working best. It contains a summary of all marketing strategies with details of the contribution by each. Through this report, you can gain insight into customer consumption patterns as well as buying behavior.

It will give you information on the buyer’s journey to optimize the marketing strategies to increase traffic and conversions by generating quality leads. ## 5. Target Report

The target report is the final, but the most important report that a marketer must analyze every week. It includes details about the company’s goals, both short-term and long-term, and tracks the company’s progress to identify whether the marketing strategies are working or not.

Where each report highlights a company’s progress towards achieving the end goals, the target report builds a clear comparison between where the company stands and where it was expected to be or where it should be. It quantifies the company’s progress and maps out the pathway for achieving the long term goals. ## To Wrap it Up!

Marketing reports highlight the company’s achievements and identify its shortcomings. A marketer must be aware of both to identify which strategy is working and which is not. If a company continues to invest in campaigns producing negligible or no results, it is not operating efficiently, which can be problematic for the company in the long run.
We have mentioned
5 marketing reports you should review weekly
to ensure all campaigns are running efficiently and bringing in results. You can also use these to further optimize the company’s marketing strategies to fuel growth.