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9 Product Launch Ideas by the Pros of E-Commerce

Product launch is one of the most exciting and stressful phases for any organization. While product development may seem like a daunting task, product launch is often the most critical deciding factor when it comes to the success of your product. So if your product is ready for launch, find out 9 ideas that you can learn from the pros of e-commerce and make your product a success in the industry.

Focus on People

Adding new features to your product might seem like an important factor that can guarantee the success of your product. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Adding more features that do not add value to your customers’ lives is often an investment that does not provide returns. A better way to go about adding features to your product is to have a customer-centric approach that allows you to add features that are most desirable for your customers. So focus more on the people and work towards making your product more attractive to your customers.

Create Hype on Social Media

With more and more people getting hooked to social media and e-commerce, business owners can take advantage of this when it comes to launching a product. Initiate a teaser campaign at least a month before the launch. This gives enough time to create the buzz on social media and evoke curiosity among potential customers. However, it is important that you create a realistic hype about your product so that your customer’s expectations are met once the product is launched. # Share Videos

By creating and sharing short videos of your product is another product-launch strategy that can help you attract customers. When creating videos, make sure it highlights the features that add value to your customers.

Capitalize on Influencer Marketing

If you look at the numbers, 6% of the internet users drive 80% impressions on the internet. This is exactly why you can capitalize on influencer marketing. This is one of the most cost-effective and fastest-growing marketing channels. Since influencers already have the credibility, by bringing them into your promotional channel prior to product launch can make your product the talk of the town.

Take Pre-orders

Companies and businesses that already have an established customer base can take advantage of pre-orders for their new-products. If you look at successful brands like Apple and Samsung, this is exactly what they do. These established brands take pre-orders and by launch date, they have already sold thousands of units.

Prepare Your Sales and Customer Service Teams

While it is important to create a hype and let your customers know that something new is coming, it is equally important to create a hype within the organization. Make sure your sales and customer service team is prepared and ready for the launch.

Celebrate the Launch

Product launch is a big day for any organization and it is a big enough reason to celebrate. Plan some kind of event on the launch of your product. You can arrange something large and gain media attention or you can keep it simple, have a targeted approach, and go for live streaming. The idea is to give both your team and customers a time to celebrate.

Get Feedback from Your Customers

Your job doesn’t end with the launch of a product. After all, in the years to come, your organization will need to launch more products. So use the existing launch as an opportunity to get feedback. This will not only help you in improving the features of your product but it will also lay the foundation of a long-lasting relationship with your [email protected] # Use Your Experience for Future Launches

Getting feedback from your customers is an important part of a product launch but unless you use it to learn something from it, it can be a complete waste. Make sure you analyze all key performance indicators and use this information to make your next product launch even better.

Final Words

While ideas from industry experts are valuable, it is important that you create a unique and effective strategy that works for your particular product. So instead of copying every move, make sure you use these ideas as a baseline that you can build upon and make your product a success in the industry.