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Google’s Looking to Test New Search App Features

It’s actually surprising that it hasn’t happened until now, but Google has invited people to test new features for the Google Search app. People who know about Google are aware that the company has a long history of beta testing products by distributing it to users and getting feedback. According to the feedback it receives from the users, the company then tweaks the service for the final, official release.

What can You Expect?

Not much, according to industry insiders. Google has the tendency to beta test their applications for months, if not more, before officially launching it. They won’t release this app unless they’ve tweaked it to their heart’s content and consider it suitable enough for mass consumption.

What you can expect is for the new features to contain some bugs and be unstable. As the app is still a work-in-progress, you won’t find all the functions working as well as they should. People who love to participate in Google’s beta testing usually understand the inherent problems that accompany it. Such people also consider it a good tradeoff for getting the first look and the first upgrades for the new apps.

They also get a say in the design and development process as their suggestions to Google are usually used to improve the performance of the app.

Google Sent Out Invitations

Google sent out Google Now cards, inviting people to test the new features of the Google Search app and give feedback. The Google card asked people to join the app beta program to play with the various experimental features. Google lovers would be pleased to gain access to such an opportunity.

If anyone wants to be a part of the beta testing, all they need to do is download the testing version of the app from the play store.

This can be a great thing for marketers, SEO experts, and people who utilize search in their profession. It might give them some insight into the new features and see if they can be utilized in marketing. This might give some marketers a competitive edge or might turn out to be a complete bust. Nevertheless, it’s something to look forward to.

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