There’s nothing like a sudden update on a Google algorithm to make marketers both confused and worried. It's as if he expects you to organize the entire site and then launch an update that changes everything. As an example, a recent Google ranking update “Fred” just shook up the SEO world, eliminating hundreds of thousands of links generated from “black hat SEO.

They are very transparent and say they do this for the good of all. After all, each algorithm setting generates more relevant search results. However, there is still some mystery behind how Google evaluates a site and determines which sites to show for which searches.

There are a number of tools available to help you view your site as Google sees it, some of it free, some paid for. Click here to quickly analyze your site's SEO with Savage Global Marketing's free Website Audit Report tool.

For example, the Google Fetch tool lets you view a specific URL the same way Google sees it, which is key to solving low-performance SEO issues. The information returned can help you modify the page in question to get better results and even isolate the problem code if you think the site has been hacked.
Each week, 500 searches are allocated to users. If you've come close to reaching your limit, you'll see a notification in the report.
Another great feature of Google Webmaster Tools is PageSpeed ​​Insights. This tool measures the speed performance of your site on desktop and mobile devices. With mobile search queries surpassing those made by computers, the speed of the page is becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to retain their visitors.

How Do We Do It?

Data analysis is essential. All data collected by advertisers during campaigns will optimize acquisition, conversion, and retention strategies. Savage Global Marketing, through its experience and teams of data analysts, uses its proprietary platform to helps collect, analyze and extract intelligence from your data in order to increase your marketing ROI.

Media Audit:

Made by a dedicated team of data analysts with all the operational experience in managing digital marketing campaigns, audits provide detailed recommendations to improve the ROI of your branding or performance campaigns.

Multichannel Approach:

Our algorithmic attribution model allows us to measure the actual contribution of each of the contact points at the most detailed levels. With the help of our data analysts and experts and with our platform, you can effectively allocate your marketing budgets, manage your media mix, and consider the contribution of each channel to exponentially increase your marketing ROI.

Web Analytics:

Our team of data analysts is trained in all the tools of the Web Analytics market. With the implementation of Web Analytics, you can understand all the factors that affect the conversion of your sites and improve their performance, allowing you to optimize your strategy of acquisition and retention of users.

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A / B Testing and CRO:

A / B test is used to test different variations of a site, to determine what works best and what can be improved. For whatever your goals, an A / B test allows you to employ interactive logic to improve your websites and maximize performance across all user navigation steps.

CRM Analytics:

Our team of analysts can quickly provide relevant targeting of your customers and then set up scenarios in different areas of acquisition to support you at all stages of your relationship rules. This approach allows you to capitalize on your customer base and maximize profitability.