Crafting campaigns with more spice than Grandma’s famous chili!

At SGM, we blend bold creativity with proven strategies to deliver impactful results for more than 500 brands! We carefully select only the top 1% of our applicants worldwide and are committed to providing innovative solutions and reliable support. With a top-tier team spread across six time zones, we bring a truly global mindset.

We’re on a mission.

To help companies save time and make more money.

We have a vision.

To be at the forefront of digital transformation, providing cutting-edge solutions that will have a positive and lasting influence on us, our customers, and the society.

Meet some of our A-team!

Our secret sauce? The people. Our diverse team comes from all over the world, bringing unique perspectives and cultural insights that enrich every campaign. We’re more than just marketers; we are storytellers, designers, social media aficionados, and video wizards who love to have fun and push creative boundaries.

Christopher Savage

Founder & CEO

Santiago Sanches


Andrew Sierra

Director of Video Production

Marcelo Barros

Lead Developer

Tadeu Brasil

WordPress Developer

Lucas Veronezzi

Frontend Developer

Francisco Cordeiro

Ad Manager

Will Rubini

DP & Editor


DP & Pursuit Car


Ad Manager

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Our team is filled with passionate and creative individuals who are always ready to roll up our sleeves. We are eager to help you achieve your marketing goals and make a real impact.


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