Digital Marketing Taboos You Should Break

Santiago Sanches


With the rise of online shopping, more companies are turning to a digital marketing agency to help them get their names, products and services known by creating branded websites, blogs, email marketing campaigns, social media accounts and even text message campaigns. Of course, as the digital world changes, some of its previous marketing rules become antiquated. Some of the old digital marketing taboos are just asking for a forward-thinking company to break them.

You Don’t Always Have to Post in Real Time

In the past, it was expressly frowned upon to use any type of “robotic” posting. A company was expected to post only in real time, which sometimes resulted in fewer posts when a business owner was otherwise engaged. This is only partially the case now. While a company still should not use “spambots,” it is no longer frowned upon to use an online client to schedule posts. Some companies schedule blogs and social media posts as far as a month or two in advance. Those who prefer to have someone watching the backend of their social media accounts and websites at all times sometimes hire a digital marketing agency. An agency can still schedule posts for certain times, but also has the time to post content from a live person who can interact with followers almost immediately, a task that is often difficult for busy companies.

You Can Post During the “Off” Hours

Many companies operate under the old belief that you must post when your followers are active in order for them to see your content. In reality, a company should post content at varying hours. Take Facebook, for example. A company that posts all of its content during the social media platform’s busy hours could find their posts lost in the sea of the many posts the algorithm deems unworthy and pushes from followers’ feeds. When a company posts content late at night or very early in the morning, fewer people are scanning the feed and the content is less likely to get lost in Facebook’s posting matrix. Sometimes it can even boost a company’s content because those followers who are online at that time and like or comment on a post are boosting its popularity and making it more likely the content will remain in the top feed. Twitter has adopted the same algorithm and Instagram isn’t far behind. A company that uses all three and wants to keep a solid online presence should consider a digital marketing agency that has the ability to post during multiple hours and across multiple platforms.

You Can Recycle Your Content

Most business owners and bloggers in the last decade have learned they should never recycle content, but new research shows the opposite is true. It can be difficult to keep a steady stream of current content, so many companies are choosing to recycle old posts in new and fun ways. The key is presentation. Popular hashtags such as #ThrowbackThursday and #FallbackFriday give companies the chance to repost older content that could use a boost or that has become relevant to the company and its audience again. Recent posts that underperformed can be reposted with a simple “ICYMI,” which stands for “in case you missed it.” A digital marketing agency can help companies create a good mix of new content and “throwback” content that doesn’t post anything too close together, lest followers become bored or start to feel spammed.

You Can Say More

Okay, so you can’t say more on Twitter—they are pretty adamant about that 140 characters—but recent studies have shown that people will read longer posts on Facebook and Instagram if those posts are interesting and relevant to what they are looking for. Whether a company posts content itself or hires a digital marketing agency, longer posts must be of exceptional quality in order to get readers to click the link to continue reading. Use a clear and relevant image to help the content stand out. When it comes to actually writing the post, be sure the first 100 words are engaging and show what the rest of the post is about. The rest of the post should be valuable information that helps the reader in some way.

According to one survey, nearly half of all online shoppers turn to social media for product and service recommendations. Whether you write your own content or hire a stellar digital marketing agency, consistently high-quality content is the key to bringing in new customers.


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