Why the Hard Rock Hotel’s Guitar is Boosting Their Marketing

Santiago Sanches


The much-anticipated Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel is finally open for business. If you aren\’t aware of this Guitar Hotel, (which is hard to believe) it’s a 2.2 billion dollar hotel standing at a whopping 400 feet tall and uniquely shaped like a guitar. It has exterior glass panels and 12 beams of light that light up the city. This hotel has over 800 new rooms, 13 bars, 17 restaurants and lounges, and a 13.5-acre pool that will be accompanied by beautiful cabanas.

Marketing is all about DEMANDING attention. Although I say demanding, I don’t mean that forcefully. It’s about creating a product that is simply impossible to ignore. @ What’s harder to ignore than a 400-foot guitar that you can see from a neighboring city? Like seriously, I was in Miami and saw this gigantic guitar.

The crazy part is that it’s all the way in Hollywood, FL. Building this property is arguably the best move that Hard Rock Casino has made. A bold statement, I know. Please bear with me as I explain why.

It’s Different

This is an amazing piece of architecture. It’s the first building that has ever been shaped like a guitar. It stands out from its surroundings and grabs the attention of everyone who gazes in its direction.

If you google strange buildings you will see tons of blog posts about the strangest and most wonderful buildings in the world and go figure The Hard Rock Guitar hotel is featured in updated versions of these blogs. Let\’s think about this deeper. If this place is mentioned in blog posts frequently, Google will give it more attention. @ Not to mention that most of the people who visit these blogs are travelers and looking for the next place to visit. Imagine if someone were to come across the guitar hotel on one of these blogs and decided that they wanted to stay at this hotel. This will raise its rankings on Google and ultimately generate more conversions. @ Keep in mind, these aren\’t the only types of blogs that it may be featured in.

It powerfully reinforces their brand

It\’s the Hard Rock hotel for God’s sake. What is a more powerful way to display your brand than to build a 400-foot guitar? This hotel will now become a part of people’s lives. They will see it coming and going to work, going to get something to eat, going to the beach, etc. How co@uld you forget it? This building will allow the Hard Rock hotel to engrave their brand in the brains of the people.

The hype is real

The best form of marketing is word of mouth. This hotel is now the talk of the town. Everyone in South Florida knows about this hotel. Can you blame us? Think about how many people are going to go to the hotel just to be apart of the hype. Think about all the pictures and check-ins at the Hard Rock Casino you are going to see from your friends on your Facebook. This could be your business with the right marketing agency. Just saying.. 😉


Although it’s going to cause traffic, this new addition of the Hard Rock Hotel was a great move. I wonder if the Hard Rock will keep this hype going. In case they don’t, they can give us a shout at [email protected] and 954-633-2963. See you at the craps table!@


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