How Can AdRoll Help Your Ads Perform Better?

Christopher Savage

- Founder & CEO

AdRoll is a popular performance marketing tool that uses advertiser data to help marketers with your campaigns. It has retargeting programs that help you engage with any bounced customers, which can be effective in making sales. Any brands that sell products online should be using AdRoll since it has become a sophisticated, big data, AI-powered brand.
Here is how AdRoll can help you advertise and collect better leads.

AI Bidding

The BidIQ feature is based on AI software that is constantly improving based on the data collected from over 30,000 advertisers. It connects companies across 1.2 billion profiles on mobile, social, and web platforms, which can make it pretty easy to make accurate predictions about ad bids. AdRoll makes 2.5 million accurate predictions every second.

AdRoll Prospecting

Prospecting features help you find better leads. The AI analyzes the customer data of your website such as event registrations, old purchases, and time spent on product pages. Through this rich information, AdRoll finds highly qualified and active audience members. This can help you increase engagement through increasing organic traffic.

AdRoll Retargeting

Statistics show that e-commerce conversion rates usually lie between 1-2%, which means around 98% of visitors do not make a purchase. The way to bring the audience back and convert them is through retargeting campaigns.

AdRoll is the best tool for retargeting, a cost-effective tool to turn leads that have already shown interest in the brand. AdRoll uses cookies that help you place ads on their online platforms when you leave the website. It may take around five interactions to convert the audience into a sale.

AdRoll Email

Email is the best marketing channel, especially for retargeting campaigns. AdRoll Email is data-backed since it uses browsing data obtained from the website. It creates emails based on the product suggestions that customers should get.

Custom Design

AdRoll’s customer design feature ensures that all your campaigns suit your brand and taste. The design team can create ads for you, which can be a tremendous asset to have as a company. Professional designers can ensure better click-through rates to increase conversion rates.

The service is perfect for enterprise to medium-level businesses that run different campaigns through the year. Various ads and formats will reduce ad fatigue and help you stay relevant.

Dynamic Ads

The Dynamic Ads features show you customized ads based on the browser history of customers on your website. The results can be amazing since it uses what the customers have already shown an interest in. People are more likely to click on such ads instead of plain static ones. AdRoll’s data indicates that dynamic ads have twice the click-through ratio and 50% lower costs than static ads.

AdRoll has a dynamic ads gallery that you can check real ads running live on the website right now . It won’t take you more than a minute to create such ads through the dashboard.

AdRoll Integrations

AdRoll integrates with popular platforms like Marketo, Shopify, and HubSpot, making it easy to conduct retargeting campaigns. You can add AdRoll’s services to tool and platforms that you are already comfortable around. There are always new options for integrations through updates.

In Conclusion

All these tools create a marketing platform that aims to increase performance for your brand. By combining email, retargeting, prospecting, and other products by AdRoll, you can increase the value you provide to your consumers.

If you are not sure about all the products, we recommend starting with just retargeting and prospecting to test drive AdRoll. AdRoll has performance specialists that can help you find which products will be the best ones for your business.

After you have correctly set up, all you must do is make sure AdRoll is sending out ads to increase your conversion rates.


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