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 5 Ways to Make Kick-Ass Landing Pages

We all want our online marketing to be successful. How could it be successful without perfectly executed landing pages? Landing pages are like a net that captures your traffic and turns it to conversions.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page created to make a customer make an action. This action can be to make a purchase or to provide contact information so that they can be added to your list of leads.

What is a landing page used for?

A landing page can be used for many reasons. It can be used to increase sales or to capture lead information in exchange for gated content. Gated content can include eBooks, guides, online courses or newsletters.

Why are they so important to have?

Many businesses make the mistake of sending their traffic to their website’s homepage. They are missing out on so many conversions. If you know traffic is going to be coming to your website instead of sending the traffic to your homepage send it to a targeted landing page specifically for the type of traffic that is coming in. This will increase the chances of your traffic becoming leads.@ Tailor your landing pages to what type of traffic you have coming to your page. For example, if the customers coming to your website made their journey because of an inquiry about an eBook bring them to a landing page so that they can put in their information to receive an eBook.

What makes a landing page work?

A landing page should consist of elements that will make it optimal for its success. I am now going to explain 5 ways to make a kick-ass landing page.

1.Clean Design

Your design plays a huge role in your landing page’s success. The objective of your landing page is to get your website visitors to convert. So every aspect of your page should be tailored to make that conversion happen.

A landing page’s color should catch the attention of your audience. Bright colors should also be used on the buttons of your landing page because it will increase conversions. Also, make sure there is a great contrast between your CTA buttons and your background.

It’s best to test colors and designs to see which ones get the most conversions.

2.Use Headers

A landing page should present a tremendous value. A visitor should be able to look at your landing page and see why they should accept your offer. The header should project the offer and the subheading should explain the offer further. They both should be transparent and persuasive.


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3.Build Trust

Build trust on your landing page by adding elements that will gain the trust of your customers. Here is a list of them below.- Testimonials

  • Endorsements
  • Logos of popular brands that you’ve worked with
  • Rewards
  • Organizations that you are a part of

These trust elements will allow you to appear more trustworthy.

4.Make sure your Landing Page is Mobile Optimized

51% of people in the world access the internet using only their smartphones. Your landing page should look good and be easy to use on mobile devices. You don’t want to miss out on the conversions that you can get from users that are using mobile devices. Landing pages that are optimized for mobile have even doubled conversions.

5.Create a Landing Page for each Specific Audience

You are going to be receiving traffic from a lot of different sources. Since the traffic is coming from different places each audience is going to be different. Make sure your landing pages are tailored to each audience.

Land Page Creators

Creating a landing page is very simple. Below I have shared eight landing page creators that will make the process of creating a landing page more efficient and similar.@ Here are eight landing page templates:- Google Sites


I have given you the tools and information that you will need to create a kick-ass landing page. I hope you increase your conversions from what you learned in this blog.