5 Reasons You Need Corporate Video Production

Santiago Sanches


Have you ever visited a website that was unclear on their services? Many have. This is due to lack of content or lack of explanation of their services. Videos, unlike pictures, can create a life for your services and/or product. These videos can bring real value to your business by:

Teaching the customer.

New client procurement is one the most difficult parts of a growing business. With video production services, you can simplify the explanation of any puzzling services you may offer. For example, if a company sells data reporting software and promotes it through a picture – it simply won’t work. The video can take the buyer from start to finish. Eliminating these difficulties, converts your buyers’ sooner.

Reach more…Faster.

Video marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your brand out there. Don’t let a picture set your business apart from the rest – use a video. Once videos are created you can simply put the embedded code anywhere you want, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo & More. Or simply place it on your computers, Tv, or tablets for trade-show or personal viewing. Remember, videos are 1200% more likely to be shared than a photo #WOW.

Personality becomes REAL.

Many companies we all follow – never has a voice. When videos are created, they put a voice and a personal meaning to the company. By doing so, you can develop brand recognition, build trust, and connect with your clients or potential clients. Have you ever wanted to see the company’s marketing director or CEO your working with? So, do we. That’s why at Savage Global Marketing every video we create has voice and visual – allowing for a true connection.


Don’t think that Google doesn’t realize how awesome videos are. They are a firm believer in videos for their search results. In the top 100 search results on Google, 70% are videos. This means that any video you create for your business can bring you an SEO boost. Free traffic & free customers – Why not? It only makes sense.

Increase customer satisfaction.

When you are marketing, you must be different. To be different you should be unique. How? By showing instead of telling with a video. You don’t have to explain yourself or create content to describe what your trying to sell – you can just click, play, buy. This is the easiest way to continue to wow your customers and keep them coming back.

Always set yourself apart from what your competition is doing – be different, but unique and provide content through videos that people will enjoy and remember.


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