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Monterey boats have been in the business for over 30 years. It’s a family-owned and operated company and has two manufacturing plants that employ over 500 boat builders. The company builds sports boats, cruisers, and sports yachts.

Monterey boats approached us because they realized that their marketing techniques were a bit outdated, and they needed to infuse new vigor into their advertising and marketing to drive more sales.

The company approached SGM in July 2018, primarily to help them improve their organic SEO and their online presence, creating greater visibility. The company had a website, but their social media presence and organic traffic through search engines needed a substantial boost.



We started working on Monterey boats’ online presence as a whole. We helped them with their website’s SEO to build a strong base. That included creating industry-relevant keywords and improving ranking on SERPs. It helped drive more traffic towards the website and more queries to the business.

In our content marketing plan, we revamped their website and created a content calendar for them for social media posting and blog publishing. This helps the company stay relevant and up-to-date, and keeps customer engagements potent.

By targeting their specific audience, we were able to create content that highlighted the company’s strengths and values, which allowed the relevant online community to see and appreciate the company truly.




Monterey Boats

The social media posts we have made for the company, and the blog posts we published have been received positively by the viewers. It has helped with both strengthening the online presence and creating a positive impression on the target audience.

As a result, Monterey boats online traffic increased by 20%. The link-sharing from the blog and social media posts increased. This positive visibility impact is clearly visible from the company’s monthly analytics reports.

But the result we most pride ourselves in is that Monterey boats trust us to understand their needs and find solutions. They believe that even if we can’t offer a solution right away, we will actually work hard to find one. This trust is what we are all about. When we work with you, we strive to be part of the team. This trait resonated well with Monterey Boats, a company that considers its workers and customers part of the big family.

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