How Much of Your Revenue Should Be Invested into Digital Marketing (PPC)?

Digital marketing

For quite some time now, the shift towards digital mediums has beenimperative to all sorts of businesses. In the year 2020, this shiftaccelerated at an exponential rate. Given the situation, everybodydipped their toes into the pool of digital platforms. The lockdowns andquarantines increased the average time a person spent on onlineplatforms. This was an opening […]

How to Create Your Business Manager on Facebook and Share Access to an Agency?

How to Create Your Business Manager on Facebook and Share Access to an Agency

Many businesses, both large and small, have finally cottoned on to thefact that not using Facebook’s Business Manager pretty much meansleaving money on the table because of missed opportunities. While tools such as Business Manager are often met with a shrug and agroan, probably because it sounds and looks complicated at first sight,the truth is, […]

Become The Facebook Audience Master With These Tips

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Knowing your audience is the key to targeting them effectively and driving sales. Facebook provides with over a billion people in audience, and it is up to you to decide how smarty you market to them. If you have been having trouble in getting it right, here are a few tips to make you perform […]

Best Performing Facebook Ad Types and Why

Smartphone displaying the Facebook app on a white background

When you talk about social media marketing, what is the first platform that pops into your mind? For most, the answer will be Facebook! Facebook is undeniably the king of social media, and certainly the one that has the most users, the most engagement and the most effective lead generation. Facebook is the one platform […]

How To Create Unique And Engaging Social Content

Create unique and engaging social content

What does every marketer worry about? Breaking the clutter. There is a plethora of information on the internet on any and every topic imaginable. In fact, there is more information on there than what the entirety of humankind combined knows what to do with. On every search, pages upon pages of relevant search results come […]

How To Structure A Facebook Ad Campaign For Success

If you are thinking of running a Facebook ad campaign, you will need to make sure to use the correct structure for your Facebook Ad campaign. Getting the structure of your Facebook advertising right the first time can save you a lot of time and money, which is why it should always be at the […]

Re-Marketing Explained

A guide to understanding re-marketing

Google is churning out tech-led marketing strategies every day, helping businesses market their products effectively. One of their most groundbreaking announcements was the concept of re-marketing a few years ago. Have you ever visited a website, looked through it, changed your mind and left only to have the same site’s ads pop up now and […]