Top 10 Google Ad Hacks for 2021 – Increasing Conversions and Leads

Google Ads and their hacks

The top Google Ad hacks for 2021 can help you double conversion ratesand potential leads. Marketers and business owners will find that it caneven help reduce costs for ads if they apply some thought to theirGoogle Ads strategy. We have compiled some hacks that will help you design a better strategyfor your brand. Reverse-Engineer the […]

How Much of Your Revenue Should Be Invested into Digital Marketing (PPC)?

Digital marketing

For quite some time now, the shift towards digital mediums has beenimperative to all sorts of businesses. In the year 2020, this shiftaccelerated at an exponential rate. Given the situation, everybodydipped their toes into the pool of digital platforms. The lockdowns andquarantines increased the average time a person spent on onlineplatforms. This was an opening […]

Google Ads Campaign Types

Smartphone open to Google search

Google is the most used search engine with all around the world using it daily for all kinds of needs, whether they’re looking for a solution to their problem or looking for a product or a service in particular. This gives you the opportunity to present what you are offering directly to them, at the […]

Proven Ways To Drive More Call Conversions With Google Ads

Ask any business owner, and they will tell you that they’d rather receive a call from potential customers than a filled online form. That’s because a person can fill an online form and then change their mind. Also, when a prospective customer fills an online form, that still requires the company’s sales team to call […]

Re-Marketing Explained

A guide to understanding re-marketing

Google is churning out tech-led marketing strategies every day, helping businesses market their products effectively. One of their most groundbreaking announcements was the concept of re-marketing a few years ago. Have you ever visited a website, looked through it, changed your mind and left only to have the same site’s ads pop up now and […]

The Best Google Ad Extensions To Use

Google Ad Extensions are snippets of additional data that are added to a campaign. This is done to make ad campaigns more competitive and effective. When it comes to Google Ad Extensions, there are multiple types that one can avail. Each of these ad extensions offers a unique advantage. This is achieved by either offering […]

5 of the Best CRO Tips from the Pros

Like other strategies used to market a brand online, Conversion Rate Optimization can be a lot of work. However, it can pay back two-fold when done the right way. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best CRO tips that you can try out to improve the performance of your digital marketing strategy. […]